Friday, February 24, 2006

Ta-Nehisi doing his GROWN MAN, speaking on Fatherhood, peep,


Bringing attention to my words like an @ss in tights
- Thats De La, but Im borrowin' it though.

I wanted something cool like Jay's, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the blog". I like my tag line. Wach'all think?

Tans post on men and crying had me thinking about how EVERYTHING considered feminine in our culture is disparaged. I woke up the morning thinking about a conversation I had a longtime friend about my s.o, Bronx Logic. When you talk to your peeps, you try and catch them up on new developments in your life and what not.

He got me to wondering about when does the advice that your friends give you about your love life fall into the "Don't give a beech no bubbly water".

Friends mean well. But at the same time they can plant seeds of doubt in your head that f*ck up your relationship game. Ya'll know I am special, I needs all the love I can get:)
I can't just be holdin' somebody thats feeling me at arms length b/c MY FRIENDS think its too soon. F*ck outta here fam.
My poppi and I were building the other day about how the seeds planted in the young buck in the first eight years IS GONNA come out in the next twenty. WORD LIFE. Here is some John Bradshaw game for you on childhoods:
Dysfunctional marriages set up dysfunctional families. Dysfunctional families are the soil for abandonment. One is initiated into addiction through these dysfuntional parenting styles and the family systems they create. Addiction and obsessive compulsive disorders are symptoms of being abandoned and shamed in childhood.
Ta-Nehisi had a FLY JAWN IN THE NEW O magazine. See you ain't know my family be writing in the VOICE and O. He, is a BLACK MAN TALKING ABOUT BEING A BLACK FATHER.

I want to believe that I've given Camille and Kenyatta reason to think differently about me. I don't close down the clubs or run the streets. I have a passion for cooking and reading, which makes me a natural homebody. Most important I love Kenyatta. And I also feel bound by her pain. Her father's sin of abandonment, so common among black men, feels like some sort of burdensome family debt. On my honor, I'll have that debt paid. But I want to do it as I see fit- without fanfare and pomp, without grandiose titles and pronouncements, without marriage.

I only have one question for you Senor Coates. Where is the book ? Tell the publishers there is a market and if you need proof I will give them a list. Trust.

If you wanna get rich, don't walk around talking about how you love bla
ck people. Who cares about this. Start talking about the ECONOMICS of HOLLYWOOD, and how SPIKE OR ANYONE that looks like him can't and probably ever will be able to green light a "Brown Sugar". Call a spade a spade and make it an interesting read fame.

De La Soul will NEVER be popular in this country again. So much of what they are about is AFFIRMING black lives. Trust if you plan on doing that w/ your art, you will not be rewarded by the establishment.. Wait. I think this is another post. I will just put that out there for right now to marinate on. The shyt that is popular, lets just say that, Affirms the OPPOSITE OF BLACK LOVE. Its the GAME. I ain't hatin'. I believe in understanding it SO THAT I CAN DEAL WITH IT EFFICIENTLY. SAY WORD.

I hate a Busta, unless his name is Busta rhymes -DLS

Leave Busta along people. The problem is NOT WITH THE FACT THAT HE IS not talking to the police. The problem is with the police's long standing adversaries relationship to people in the hood. All of a sudden were expected to start talking to them , when they be playing BUCKTOWN USA w/ Black bodies in BK and the BRONX for mad long. And you know I aint lyin'.

Those Doves ads are dope. "She hates her freckles". "She wishes she were blond". This is capitalism at its best.

Family, I do not think that it was a good idea to mix that green tea bag AND the Chai tea bag:(

Have a beautiful hussle/human weekend.

for hip hop,

-mm :&

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