Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Men and women can actually be friends.


Baby hair pumping/ Lip Gloss shining/
I think she's in the mood for wining and dining/.

The Italian Foreign Minister told Muslims around the world, F*ck yo couch and has placed "the cartoons" on T-shirts AND is HANDING THEM OUT to people that want them. In the name of free speech. Dude better protect his neck!

Me and the X, an update.
A few of you who have been reading for a while prolly know that I gave the engagement ring back last su
mmer. Well. The ex and I are friends now. Don't get me wrong I could not stand the sound of his voice for first three months, but it seems that our relationship has turned a corner. I am actually giving him dating advice. I know it is weird. But hey, in NYC, it is hard making new friends, and getting advice from someone who knows you, for the most part, inside and out is INVALUABLE. So. This is the jewel that he has appreciated recently. I told him,
I know you like a challenge, but don't get caught up. Some women either donot know what they want, or do not feel that they deserve someone wonderful.
Believe that.

Is h*ll about to freeze over? The old raiders coach is coming back. Yeah. A new Negro Footbacl coach. Well, I guess isn't new. I guess he is old new. And the tickets are going down too. Al Davis wants to make the tickets more affordable.

There is an Article in the Eastbay Express on hood video's. Between stop snitchin' t-shirts, hood videos and soft porn hip hop magazines, Hip Hop is doing something extra w/ its sin and gin side in '06. Mind you it ain't even March yet.

Newsweek has an article about women and "playing nice at work". This is so racist. Why do we have to play NICE? I am on so old Eat or GET ATE, shark type jawn, dealing w/ these junior Scalito's in school.

There are only two books that you need to read about women and and corporate gamesmenship.
1. Games Your Mother Never Taught You. ( That this book is out of print is NOT ironic). 2. Cult of Power by Martha Burk

The central theme of the new Woody Allen flick, Match Point, is that Luck matters just as much as hard work, if NOT more than hard work. I feel him. By the way you need to peep it. Woody is on some extra demented 'ish. He got fools in there w/ sawed off shot guns/ hand on the pump/ sippin' on a forty/ puffin on a blunt/ nanannnn na na na naaaaa/.

Speaking of Woody and Hip Hop. A Hip Hop movie directed by Woody, set in NYC.
What if started directing HH videos. The next Jay Z video? The Roots Dip Set?<<<>Leave comments you know I luv' em. I hope to have more treats for you this weekend blog fam.


dallas p. said...

I am happy for you and the ex being friends. Are you still letting him beat?

That would be an interesting post.

Slick pic of James Todd Smith. I may have to steal that from the kid.

Hummingbyrd said...

You know whats funny?

All the women he meets are hella curious about me. The women THINK we are mashin', when the lack of the mash is one of the REASON'S why I left in the first place.

We both live in the same hood still:) he has ran into me w/ my s.o.
THAT has made for some interesting convo's.

He says the women are looking for Daddies, and/ Husbands. Hella husband thirsty. I don't blame the sista's. But they need to play they cards right cuz he is a crazy scorpian:)

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