Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chicken Company gets sued for calling negroes


boys. At least they ain't callem' nigg^'s.

Giles Peterson got a fresh ass*d tribute to JD. The most memorable comment wa
when Madlib said that Jay D was the MOST soulful cat on production in the game. Fam.
that resonated because it was so honest, sincere and true.

Damn. Havard's president got the BOOT. So I guess saying, IN PUBLIC, that women are inept isn't TOLERABLE AFTERALL. At least he let 'chew know where he was coming from.

Hot sex books for women.

So your tight for cheese. You meet a dude from Craigs list. Cool. This will let y
ou make your rent. You Let him move in.
Problem #1.
Dude is never around. He dissappear frequently.
Problem #2. You break into his room and discover mad credit card applications with your address and HIS name on it. Applications that you had torn up in placed in the trash.
Problem #3. Next thing you know you see this cat on America's Most wanted. I ain't lying. And YOU KNOW OAKLAND go something to do with it.

This needs to be an HBO movie, fa real.

See. I knew I wasn't the only one thata' mash a face in when it ain't no 'mo t.p. in the baffroom.
Especially when you gotta go in the middle of the night. Them corona's a do that though :Q

So I was extra nerdy and downloaded some Papoose jawns from his myspace page. Gold star for me. That buoy is so nice, it reminded me of the first time I saw
Talib Kweli at 59 Franklin in '97 and was like, Who is that Kat, cuz he can rhyme!

This reminded me that I got a sister (that I don't ock w/ btw) who likes to put other peoples kids on her Tax return. Dude, you do NOT want IRS Karma. That ish is like STD KARMA. NOT COOL.

First Netlix is penalizing frequent viewers, now the POSTLADY is watchin' my woody allen and love jones jawns. This is gully. They need to start e-mailing them movies and cut out the middleman.

I need to figure out how to do one of these for hip hop and sex.

So they are running for office. Will they help lil kids want to read? Oh, I forgot that is hip hop's job.

You think Hip Hop could save Broadway? I think the show has a cool premise, I am MORE interested in who the writers think their audience is.


jpollard said...

I think Papoose is nice, but I've seen him live about a month ago and trust it wasn't that fresh. Your boy Pap had 20 guys on stage with him just screaming nonsense.

M.Dot. said...



WHY WAS I NOT AT that show wichu?

How is Scot Larock?

You see nate Robinson.Nigga is NIIIICE.

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