Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The internet loves hip hop.


100 Posts and Runnin'

Buenos Dias Blog Family.

I have made it to los cien
and I am happy.

To commemerate the event I will list some things that I have learned since I have started blogging.

1. You tube = Poor girls tivo.

2. There needs to be a Black writers on Hurricane Starkesha conference.

3. It can really hurt to watch the Knicks.

4. Victoria Secrets Pink pannies are hella cute.

5. Karl Rove is the truth.

6. Dallas Penn smokes grimmies.

7. The innernet loves hip

8. Crack>>>>Money>>>Means Power>>>>War.

10. "It hurts to be treated like a walking vagina" Beth Jones.

11. Women and Men can't be friends.

12. Men and women can be friends.

13. Self destructive behavior is not conducive to intimate relationships.

14. Coffee is cleary addictive.

15. People do NOT like when you establish boundaries.

16. Listening to Nas and drinking " " is not a good look.

17.I can spend hours bouncing from blogs, to yahoo news, to all of the "most emailed news sites".

18. At the end of of the day we all want to be loved.

19. Self hate will be rewarded in the media.

20. Taking a law school exam is akin to being in a mental submarine.


Gotty™ said...

Bullshit...men and women can be friends....except the man has to be gay.

M.Dot. said...

Ha, ha ha.

Ok Crackback.

jb said...

#15 is so real!!!

M.Dot. said...


You ain't said a word.

I had to holler at a couple people and be like, be easy fam.

It was awkard at first. But now, I travelling a lil lighter now.

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