Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Think I'm Stuck off the Realness.


Isn't that image hella fresh. Its actually on a hoodie. I don't know sponge bob. I have been feeling the graphic heavy, skater meets hippety hop type jawns lately. The dope thing about copyright law is that THE artist HAVE A RIGHT to incorporate M-O-B-B into their art. I heart america. I heart the old M-O-BB too.



Blog family. I am in HIP- HOP HAPPYLAND. I managed to "PROCURE" The World
is Yours remix, where he says in the Hook, "Keep the La's inna Air". Dude. When I heard that sh*yesterday, I started dancing around. That song, in and of it self, in its brief three minutes represents me in 94, and who I wanted to be. Someone, actually, I think my first ol' boy, gave it to me on a memorex mix tape, but it was f*cked up because the song would cut off at the end of the tape .

"The fiend of hip hop/ got me stuck like crack pipe."
[ Ol' boy is sayin' that the crack is like the rap, and he stuck on stupid. Dayuuum GINNNNAH.]

"Holding a stolen cops glock w/ g-notes in my hand."
[ First of all dude. This sounds like nothing but trouble. But as soon as he said it, I had a mental image of that scene in Clockers where the young buck was holdin
g the bench down. Talk about a saturated visual. Mental note to self, saturated visuals is hella fresh.].

"The mic is my religion/ the system is the devils lasso."
[ Did god put him on earth to make such poetic songs. Could you imagine the fights that he and Kelis has. Does he leave her little notes. Prolly poetic text messages hunh. I know>>>>hopeless romantic = me<<<<<<]

For nas bloggery, peep fletch and his family.



Up bloggin' as the sun rises. God. I love life.


New interview with Rakim where he discusses Nas's son
g, his new label and how it feels to perform in '06, and his family.
Peace to spine mag.


In keeping with my Pharcyde documentation happening here at sex hip hop and power, here is an interview with J-Swift producer of Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde. Who knew that he been to hell and back, on crack and errry thing. It's a reminder thatn anybody cand get f*cked off inna game.


Bilal got a bangin' a*s pull up ya skirt and get low wicha' ol boy type song, called don't make me over. This song is like Al Green on a Jay Dee beat. Yes I said it n*ggas. Peep it here.


My friend puts the side show's into context eloquently.

Experiencing the different cycles of the Sideshow and now documenting the newest wave, Drop observes, “The newer generation, they’re more concerned with being just hyphy, just being seen. Just kinda bein’ out there, drivin’ crazy. [Notice how he talked about the young bucks w/o being derisive]. Not so much about the actual doughnuts and the swingin’ any more. It’s just kind of more, ‘Hey, see me stunt!’ It’s kind of like a cry for help almost, like the young people are like, ‘I wanna be seen…I wanna be heard! Otherwise, I get no chance to really be noticed.’”


Spine got a new Roots jawn, It Don't Feel Right. Oh. And it knock too blog family. Cool a*ss hook. They scratching and got a CLEAN A*SS EPMD Sample, OH the Beauty of being on Def Jam.



Kristof gets to the bottom of THE ASIAN MODEL STUDENT MYTH.
In the U.S. ethinc Koreans are academic stars. But in Japan, Ethnic Koreans languish in the underclass, often doing poorly in schools and becoming involved in the yazuka mafia.
[Here is the good part] One lesson may be that if you disciminate against a minority and repeatedly and shove its members off the social escalator, then you create pathologies self doubt that become self sustaining.

[Kristoff for Mayor anyone?
This is the most analytical I have every seen a WHITE PERSON be about NON-White achievement and how the public school system, local government all collude to enables and perpetuate negros falling off the social escalator]

That was a fun post blog family? Now its time to get something to eat. Waffles!?!?!? Trix. Who knows? Raekwon and Boot Camp are gonna be at BB Kings in June. Who going?
The sun is finally out here, but it ain't 80 degrees like how is inna bay right now. I'm jelli.



the prisoner's wife said...

lol...look at you, up all early!

1. you already know how i feel about Nasir. no need to go into it...but you gwan affa come offa dat song gal.

2. i miss bilal! universal played w/ him so much, i was hot. i did (another) intern stint w/ UMG when they were about to release his album. i was on his marketing team...we got no love. everything i suggested fell on def ears & they let his album just....fade to black. 1st Born 2nd was the SHHHHHHHHIT. i saw him perform @ Ft. Greene Park in...03?04? he was hella dope, smoking on stage. that man is short & sexy! (if it wasn't for beloved he "could smoke me oooooouuuuut....")

3. i miss old MOBB too. i saw Havoc outside Chelsea Mkt. one morning. he seemed nice, i said waddup & asked him to sign something. he was cool about it.

bless up.

Charles said...

What happened to Mobb? Like, after their album that had It's Mine f/ Nas, I didn't like them anymore. I was feeling the Infamous, and especially Hell On Earth. It's like, hip hop isn't hip hop anymore. Most of it now is this 'ignorant music' with nothing but repetitive beats and people doing stupid dances to. Where's the good old days when it was Jay, Nas, Mobb, Biggie, and some others doing their thang?

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh see everytime I log on to your site I get caught up, music, shopping, and side show set tripping.

i can't open the link but I would love to get more information on a documentary about the side show.

Being from East Oakland I can't explain to people what it was like in those early 80's to see dudes ride so hard they wrap their shit and go home and get another one and come out serving doughnuts even harders!

Oakland has the meanest car game, bar none.

Any place pimping mini vans on rims, pump break dipping with the doors open in summer time is where I will always call home!

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Mis Ahmad---Come out serving donuts....that is so real.

@ Charles. Issa wrap fam. No more old music. The youth /crime and ignorance movement has taken over.

(if it wasn't for beloved he "could smoke me oooooouuuuut....")
Ohhh, Im telling momma.

Full disclosure....I went to school with Bilal...small world right.
Those new songs are the straight knock.

Fletch said...

Good point about Def Jam being able to, to use your word, "procure" some samples that previously might have been out of reach for The Roots crew. I doubt the Beatles would have ever signed off on Hey Bulldog for Thought @ Work no matter the label involved, but Don't Feel Right is a step in a nice direction.

But really I just came in here to say hello before the Giants sweep the A'S. And in the off chance that the opposite, aka the impossible, occurs, I'll come back to eat my words.

Hummingbyrd said...

Ohhhhhy. Fletch.

Battle of the bay hunh.

It looks like the A's won homie.

Whats your boy bonds doing?

I think he just said, "Dude, I am not talking to the media".

Fletch said...

Did I say sweep? I meant "2 out of 3."

Hummingbyrd said...

What ever. Don't start nothing it wont be nothing.

I don't know how to open rars.

Fletch said...

my favorite number of the moment: 714.

download WINRAR

it's just like ZIP, a way to package numerous files at once.

Hummingbyrd said...

You know what Fletch.

Imma letchu have that one because he deserves it.

With his smart mouth:)~

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