Sunday, April 09, 2006

Women WHO think are sexy.


I remember the first time I saw Neneh Cherry. She was so fresh to me, like Freddie from a Different world mixed with Denise Huxtable all rolled up into one. Never underestimate the impact of a visual image on a young person. I think she was my first FRESH GIRL. A girl who read Sassy, had fresh-re: nappy and or natural hair and was UNAPOLOGETIC about it. Neneh was an introduction to a another way of thinking and being. If you remember Sassy and the Source magazine from the early 90's, then you KNOW what I am talking about.

Nick Adams has a new book out, "Making Friends with Black People". My question is when is he coming to Brooklyn Barnes and Nobles?
------------------------------------------------------- Basquiat was a bad #ss dude family. Can you imagine putting all those racial jawns, the art jawns the spiritual jawns all on display for the whole world to see? Sh*t it is hard enough for me to blog about quasi personal issues. And you KNOW artists are notoriously sensitive.
There is a link at ----damn, I can't remember where these shirts are being sold. But they are #ella fresh right!?!?!?
Yall peep that duke argument over at Dallaspenn? Its kinda going down in the town. Is it a joke? You tell me.!!>!!>!>>!>!
Females account for approximately half of the Earth’s population. What do they do with this plurality? They buy cosmetics and raunchy panties with the pussyhole cut out. They buy stiletto heels and birth control pills. They support their degradation 24 hours a day. There should no longer be any act of violence against a woman considered a crime until they start taking responsibility for the carnage that they have co-signed. The next time you are in the club and the song gets played where the rappers say, “Bitches aint shit, but hos and tricks”, watch how many women jump up to dance.

I can't go to the Chloe website b/c I see 'ish like this and it makes me cry. Aren't they precious?
ABC news chimes in on the death of Proof of D12,
The killing of Eminem's right-hand man highlights the paradoxical set of issues that bolster rappers' careers while putting their lives in danger. The result has been a nearly 20-year series of rap murders that underscores the increasingly perilous state of young black men in America.

So blog family, tonight I am going out to, "Trust Me" the Guru Jawn, Nice and Smooth's "Funky for You", and I picked up the first Organized when I was in Cali last month so Imma start bumpin' nat too. Watch'all lissenin' to?


CA said...

i just got my hands on a couple of goodies when I came back from CT- Lupe's album, Gnarls Barkley's album, De La Soul "Clear Lake Auditorium" EP, and that new T.I joint "Why you Wanna" is in my head. the Tribe references are so dope to me.

excellent point about women supporting their degradation, especially in the clubs. i have been making that point for a while now in my circle of friends and they are always like "shut up nigga and jump on these hoes" lol.

haha your Chloe is my Polo. Ralph Lauren sells more than clothes, it's a culture. lol

and finally, I need that Ghostface shirt in my life...immediately. where does one find cool shirts like that. i finna make my own.

M.Dot. said...


Not having my blog had me in pain.

it was like, just when I was in regular contact with folks this ish up and happens.

But your girl is back.

It is nothing like not having something to make you appreciate it more.

Word up.

Anonymous said...

Re "Making Friends with Black People"

How bizarre! ...if the author is white, it's pretty condescending. I read on one of the reviews by a white person that they had made 3 new black friends since reading the book...(cringe)oh well if nothing else, Nick Adams will be helping to increase the number of white people who can use the "some of my best friends are black" card lol

M.Dot. said...

@ rum of a rr.

Wow. So Nick is doing something "constructive" for intergration.

Nice. Maybe his next project will be the public school system!?!?!?!?!

Yeah. "We" knew his book was gonna be cringe worthy though.

The cover is cute at least.

the prisoner's wife said...

Chidi: the TI joint "why you wanna" is tight because of the Crystal Waters sample. the Tribe ref. is cool (he should have got Tip to say it tho lol), but Gypsy Woman makes it hot (i'm not even a TI fan).

MM: giiiiiiirl...i was wondering what happened to your blog! glad to see you back. I saw that book at Borders & i hoped the author was but i guess he isn't. the title is crazy & the cover just made me shake my head.

re: bitches ain't...girl, i just had to take that joint off my ipod. it was cool (and so uncool) to dance to it as a kid. i mean that beat is insane. but as a grown woman with a son, i can't be blarring such things anymore, even IF he can't talk yet. i cringe everytime i see young girls go "awww, that's my SONG!" at some ignorant joint that's basically disrespecting them as women. where are the REAL mamas that will go & snatch up a child listening to such foolishness?

M.Dot. said...

@ The Prisoners Love

Those weren't my words about the Snoop song. Those were words from the good people over at Dallas Penn.

Um. Perhaps I need to post about rap lyrics.
I think that rappers should not be censored and that the young bucks should be able to listen to it. However, they should also be cultivating the analytical faculties so that they understand the lyrics.

I am glad to be back too:)

Anonymous said...

True Story, I used to beat out a Neneh Cherry look-a-like back in the ATCQ days. Curly haired Domini-Mulatta mommies were killing shit (and still are).

glad to see your back grinding. you can cover so much ground in one of your posts its like reading the NYTIMES (the Sunday NYTIMES!)

M.Dot. said...

Thank you fam.*smiles*

There are very few things in the world like having your writing appreciated.

I do be mad thorough w/my game right!?!?!?! Thats cuz I got add and I like to collect articles like a little old lady.

Yeah, you was mashin a ne ne look alike my-ass...and then you woke up. j/k.

neo said...

"My wheels" - Field Mob..and they say the souf' ain't got talent..*shakes head*

M.Dot. said...

Whus "my wheels about"????

I ain't heard that jawn?

neo said...

Its on

Hear it

I'mma break it down like this..same ole concept about cars but think in a more creative fashion..very melodic, sing-songy and pretty witty..lyrically speaking. Pretty funny track too..

M.Dot. said...

Oh. Like how the Pharcyde usta be but from Texas.

Thats hella fresh.

vik said...

Fatlip wrote two of the greatest rap tunes ever. Period. Passin me by and Otha fish. He's got his name in the history books. All it took Percy Sledge was When a man loves a woman.

Thanks for introducing me to Nick Adams. Funny. On point. Refreshing. Not many writers combine those three attributes.

Paul Beatty is a suggestion.

Great site. Keep doin what your doin.

brad said...

black people suck

M.Dot. said...

Hi Vik.

I just peep this post today, May 4th, 06.

I didn't know fat lip wrote those jawns.
He he is able to catch the naunces of relationships that very few men/ women or writers are capable of.

That is funny that you mention Paul.
I cannot get into him.

If you love those two guys you will feel Percival Evertt also.

M.Dot. said...


That song is hella fun.

Its sounds like I am riding around east oakland in my 66 stand mean mugging fools like whaaaaaaat!

vik said...

yo. just caught your reply...5/5/06.

you got me to do a dilla post. damn, donuts is the shit. I'll look for some Percival next time I'm in the city.

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