Friday, April 07, 2006

We make the music, you get the good schools, its in the contract.


Hip Hop Stand UP!!
Executive Decisions: 30 Years of Powerful Women in Hip-Hop

Monday, April 10 at 7:00P.M.

This exciting event will bring together pioneering women in hip-hop who have worked as record label CEOs, presidents, and senior executives to reflect on the challenges they faced climbing to the top of a male-dominated industry. Panel includes: Ann Carli, (former senior executive at Jive), Lisa Cortes (former president of Loose Cannon), Carmen Ashhurst (former president of Def Jam), Monica Lynch (former president of Tommy Boy), Denise Brown (former president, Warner Brother Records, Urban), many others. Moderated by acclaimed author and journalist Danyel Smith. Hip-Hop Retrospectives is a three-part discussion series that takes a look back at the road paved by hip-hop pioneers and a look forward at a global culture that some feel has yet to realize its greatest potential.

In the bay we do things a lil different.
I peep that is at yamecca.
Tell her whenna go?!?!??!!?!?!?

Here is what white people have to say about going dumb.

As usual Blog family, I love hearing from you. Its spring sorta, whachall gettin' into this weekend. I have to review contracts, but I also wanna see Friends with Money. Who going to that NYU jawn? It is gonna be dope. They allways put out one nice HH event a year.


neo said...

Is it just me or how come all those women held "former" positions? What gives?

Oh and the lady in charge of BET now should've gotten some mention..

The car aspect of hyphy I can't clap/step to..too dangerous..we had some of these back home in Nigeria (my home) and..I've personally seen someone here in the States (though he was a frat dude) kiss the coaltar via the back of his head..wasn't a pretty sight I tell ya..

M.Dot. said...


- Hyphy...your a$$ will bite the dust fuck*n with a car. Popo has chased people and they have crashed.
Or People be doing tricks spinning out and they will hit a bystander.

I liken it to drag racing or bull riding, all thrills come with thier risks, correct?

i like liquor and tv said...

no, the BET lady should not have been

This weekend? continue drinking, bob my head with some peeps, shop, get eyebrows and hair DID, buy some shoes, go to the record shop, go to the movies, lay around.

neo said...

Correct...and the hyphy/drug collab thing doesn't appeal to me..musically its interesting but all the other stuff..ghostriding whips n' eh..

M.Dot. said...

But Neo.

Ultimatly it is Bay/Oakland Culture that has allways existed, it is now just being given an international/national name.

Have you been to the bay before.
You would love it.

M.Dot. said...

L & TV

Girrrl. Becks. Tequila and the Pretty Boy floyd fight and the sun outside has me feeling like I need to eat me a tuna melt with the quickness.

You getcho brows colored or just shaped?

i like liquor and tv said...

I just get em shaped. But I did get some color in my hair not too long I need to get the eyebrows to match? I always wondered.

the prisoner's wife said...

Ghost ridin whips further illutrates how weird you Nor Cal folks are *lol*
(2-1-3 Stand Up!)

but anyway...the women in hip hop confrence does seem kinda fly. but i also agree w/ Neo...why are all the women "former" heads of companies? do they have any current female executives speaking? (or do they not exsist anymore? hmmmm)

M.Dot. said...

The women are currently employed in the industry.
I think that is was an oversight to list them as former this and former that.
Somebody was slippin'!.

neo said...

An ex of mine is from the Bay..psssh she was one of THE first folks to put me on indirectly to the hyphy thing and then I just swatted it off like "paaaah..lemme alone yo" lol..

I got a little love for the bay..hahaha..

I don't have a problem with culture tho..but not every aspect of a culture is beneficial to you as an individual you agree? said...

LOL @ that video...That little girl was probably exhausted after filming herself dancing like that.

Once I found out what "Stunna shades" are, I laugh every time I hear that

But yeah, I like your blog. I'll definitely have to make my way back over here sometime.

M.Dot. said...

@ neo
Now the truth comes out. Your X is from the bay. A man scorned. A man scorned.

What I feel about hyphy culture????
a. The culture has allways existed.
sideshows, car tricks, men dancing in crazy groups.

b. As far as culture being good for us, well, some of it will be, some of it will not be. But that is life. Right.

c. I cannot make the argument that everything cultural needs to be productive. Thats nonsense.


@ hustleman
Yeah, family. I am glad you came through.

Stunna shades be havin you feeling cool, you gotta get some.

neo said...

LOL! Yo eMe..I ain't mad at the bay..loool!

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