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* note to self. Do not try and post new blog topic and IM at the same time. The message will self destruct. I was tryna watch the game last night, IM with the South African Homie and post at the same time. Lesson is learned. And I knew better. Classic m dot, doin' too much as they say in the bay.

Speaking of N*ggas. Nigga jeans.
Whats next, slave jeans? My kids cain't read because reading is white jeans?
Oh, reading is white jeans?
That actually MIGHT work. It is ignorant enuf.

Be careful where you blog. You might get fired.

My homie, Kambui's show, was hella fresh. I saw some people I have not seen in 6, count them six years.

Being there reaffirmed my desire to work with artists.
One of the dopest things that he had were these name plates, that were actually phrases that he created that represented women from Nina Simone songs. They were so Brooklyn. If you are in the village stop by and see the show.


These shoes are sooooo effin BE-YU-TIFUL.
And sooo soft and comfortable to walk in . I don't need to go to italy for Italian shoes.
I just need to go the Century 21 in Brooklyn. If you ain't know now you do blog fam.

So Newsweek is diggin into the Duke Lacross Rape Case jawn.

The two players arrested last week fit the rich-kid stereotype, though they were praised by neighbors and teachers as exemplary young men. Seligmann's father works in finance; the family lives in a stately brick Georgian in Essex Fells, N.J., assessed at $1.35 million in 2005. Seligmann, who was recruited by Harvard and Princeton as well as Duke, was described by Essex Fells Mayor Ed Abbot as "in many ways a role model to all the boys." Finnerty's father is a Wall Street financier with a $2 million Dutch colonial next to the Garden City (N.Y.) Golf Club and a $4.3 million summer home in West Hampton Beach, complete with motorboat and tennis court. Finnerty is said to be soft-spoken, a team player, reserved, even passive, though a bit of a wise guy. Last November, he and two high-school teammates were arrested for jumping and punching a pair of recent college grads on a street in Washington, D.C.'s preppy Georgetown, well after midnight. Finnerty and his mates had taunted their victims by calling them "gay." (Finnerty agreed to perform community service to avoid being formally charged. It is unclear if the rape arrest will affect that case.) [Sense of entitlement anyone?]
The evening ended in recriminations. The defense lawyers say that Roberts mocked the boys' manhood; Roberts says the boys called her a "n-----." The neighbor heard one of the boys yell, "Hey b----, thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt." Roberts called 911 and complained to police that some students at 610 North Buchanan were taunting her and her friend with racial epithets. She told NEWSWEEK that she yelled out at the boys, "I called the cops, you dumbasses."
The transcript of the 911 call makes it sound as though she and the other dancer were just passersby being racially insulted by students. [This makes sense now]. "I was angry and I had to tell somebody," says Roberts. "I didn't want everyone to know I'm a dancer." During her interview with NEWSWEEK, she disputed the defense timeline, but she would not go on the record to be specific about the discrepancies.

At first, Roberts says she did not think the other dancer had been raped. She was mad at the other stripper, who was almost passed out in the car and not talking. Roberts said she had not collected all the money owed them for the dance, and she wondered if the other dancer was somehow hustling her. She drove to a local Kroger supermarket and told the security guard there that she had a woman in her car who could barely move. The police arrived and radioed back to the dispatcher that the woman was "passed-out drunk" but otherwise appeared unharmed.

Police logs show that the woman was taken to the Duke hospital at 2:31 a.m., after a stop at a substance-abuse center, and that she claimed she had been raped. She was examined by a sexual-assault nurse and likely given a battery of blood and urine tests. According to Nifong, a hospital report later showed that her injuries and emotional state were consistent with having been raped. According to a police affidavit, she later claimed she had been held down, beaten, strangled, and raped vaginally, anally and orally. She identified the first names of three men at the lacrosse party, but said the players were using different names at different times (none of the first names in the police affidavit match the first names of the two players indicted last week).

Walk with me through this story.
Bronx Logic: Call me back, I got something to tell you. [Voice mail message].
Mm: Hey sweets.

Bronx Logic: Oh, I was at Virgin and I got Ghostface for you.
Mm: Oh. Sweets thank you but I allready got ghost.
Bronx Logic: Oh. [I hear dissappointment]. Um. I can exhange it. I think I saw Jay Dee.
Mm: Word. I need that in my life.
Bronx Logic: Cool.
Cool than. We can do that tomorrow. [thinks to self, how BL is trying to show tha b-girl love.].

First Mobb Deep and NOW Ghostface at Columbia University. 116th street Bassstads.

My girl Tiombe is gettin some much deserved burn over at the fader.
I see you sis.

Dear Billy Sunday.
Don't be tryna talk about stuff the same day I'm gon talk about it on the same day imma talk about it.
I have been thinking of a way to unite the disempowerment of Latinos and Negros.
And After con law today I got it.

In Texas there are Displaced NEGROS AND MEXICAN immigrants.
The residents of Texas, many of whom are both Black White and Latino DO NOT want these folks there.
I said a long time ago that going forward, New Orleans WILL not have a concentrated Black majority simply for the purpose of making a Lousiana a state that the Reblican stronghold during the Presidential elections. Believe. That.
What is going to happen in the next elections in Texas. It will be excellent. I can see it now.

Slogan on a banner. "Elect me and I will get rid of the dag-gon-it Messican and then Rowdy @ss Niggras". Makes my inner MLK smile inside thinking about it.
You got mad negros and mexicans.
Maybe they will claim their own land. That would be CRAZY. No I do not endorse it. I think people should live in peace. However, it would have manifest destiny a whole new meaning. Eh.
How was yer weekend Blog familia? You lissening to anything new? Yall see that Soprano's. It is so wierd with Tony being all Zen'ed out. Why did Christopher had to go snort. I shouted no Chris don't don't.


Anonymous said...

it's curtains 4 those duke kids if they gotta go to the pen. rich ass kids + rape = curtains or the snitch cell block aadddddddddamean?

Hummingbyrd said...

I 'on know jay.

We will see.

Remember Anita Hill?

the prisoner's wife said...

1. weekend was cool. spent it with the little one :)

2. they have Century 21 in Bklyn???

3. true, true @ the Mexican/Black collabo. i never understood the whole black vs. latino thing. we are both at the bottom of the white man's totem pole.

4. wish i could see your friend's show. the art scene in LA is...where is it?

5. the little one & i will be in the city this summer, i can't wait! i'm SO over LA already (again).

be blessed, sis.

the prisoner's wife said...

btw: i did a post about Nasir over on my spot. check it out between classes. i know how we love him so *lol*

Big Walt said...

As always, I have to jump in with my own perspective and point out that the issues with Black/Latino relations seem to be around the same as Poor White/Latino and Poor White/Black relations. Therefore, if we're to be getting people together, why not throw the "redneck masses" into the mix? I mean it kind of bugs me to not hear people talking about unity between poor whites and poor minorites even though Stokely Carmichael was calling for it 40 years ago.

Hummingbyrd said...

Dang. Walt. I see the rednecks.

I shudda knew you were gonna say something.

Frog Kisser said...

ooh you have brought up two things very close to my heart, well three kinda!

Century 21

Damn if I didn't used to go see her almost every week back in San Francisco!

Hummingbyrd said...

Hey Ms. Kisser of the Frogas.

I am glad the post resonated wichu.

We prolly cousin's. *smile*

Keep coming back, it works if you work it so work it.

Big Walt said...

The only issue I have with illegal immigration is the 2/3rds if them who don't pay taxes but still draw from our infrastructure. Oh and the fact that farmers in the Southwest who employ them instead of buying machines to pick oranges are fucking up Michigan's economy.

Hummingbyrd said...

1. The american econonmy presumes that they will be here.
2. They do pay taxes on everything that they buy and I am sure that they would be willing to pay social security, state and fed taxes once they become citzens.
3. Blame the employers and the government for the lack of taxes. Those who are in the position.
4. Toyota is fucking up michigans economy NOT mexican orange pickers.
5. Walt you are normally more progressive than this. is this your redneck nationalistic side rearing its head.

Big Walt said...

Whoa whoa hey. I don't have a redneck nationalistic side that I'm aware of.

1. Assuming that I have a nationalistic side because of my background is prejudiced.

2. The other points you make in your reply are solid, but dismissing my viewpoint because of my background is pretty rhetorically weak.

3. Yes it should be easier for them to become citizens, obviously.

4. All of the arguments for illegal immigrant rights and what have you based on ethnicity are lunacy.

Hummingbyrd said...

1. I did not intended to dismiss your viewpoint b/c of your background. It was a poor attempt at sarcasm.

2. You get mad cuz I leave out the rednecks. You get MAD WHEN i include the rednecks. You been drinking that Jesse Jackson again?

3. Walt, "obviously" is condescending and dismissive.

4.What are you talking about?
a. Immigrants don't control immigration policy, the government and the american people do.
b. People don't want american cars, hence then end of Detriot and Michigan.
c. What is NOT logical about a & b^^^^^?

Big Walt said...

Alright, my bad. No harm no foul. I just tend to overuse obviously as a writer. It's true that babylon controls immigration policy, but stealing is stealing right?

Hummingbyrd said...

Who is stealing???????



Talk about globalization.
People yakking about the high price of GAS.
Your TACO BELL, MAC DONALDS AND BURGER KING would all be adjusted for inflation if there were no immigrants pickin them sh*ts for $10/day.

What would happen to the American people.
THey would become thinner.
Ha the gas situation and the mexicano situation is going to make american s thinner. That, my dear waltson, will be my next post.

Big Walt said...

a.Using economics to justify shit is rather a Republican pursuit. I can think of a couple other massive injustices against peoples which were justified by the idea that correcting them would remove the economy.

b. You don't need people to pick produce. They have machines that can do that now. However, it's easier to pay people slave wages to pick grapes than to pay for a machine to pick them.

c. The US economy/world economy assumes the presence of a number of things, such as illegal drugs and prostitution. I mean, I'm for the legalization of both, but still.

d. Drawing from already stressed system such as health care and education is indeed stealing. There are people that are US citizens that pay taxes and recieve substandard public education. Substandard as it may be, people utilizing it without putting the same amount back into it isn't fair.

e. Americans don't have the option of doing those jobs for those prices now. I sure as hell wouldn't mind roofing houses all summer, but the fact is, I legally cannot work for what illegals will work for. Being a US citizen makes it a little easier for the IRS to check up on your shit.

f. At least half of my friends/friends parents can't get jobs in the construction or agriculture industries now. So those people don't get to feed their kids because it's cheaper to pay illegals to do the same job? As the dps would say, that's the dollar before the people.

Hummingbyrd said...

Walt I typed a response, and I guess I deleted it.

I will get to it though.

dpm said...

YO! I know that van. It's DJ Peja Peja's. You must be floating around Berkeley.
The funny thing is that dude was just telling me how people take pics of his van all the time.


Hummingbyrd said...


You know Peja peja.

The world is mad small?

Are you in Frisco?

I was in Cali in March.

Peja is my FAMILY.

Who else takes pictures of it?

Woah. The blog world has crossed the fourth wall.

dpm said...

Yeah, I know Peja's crazy ass. Dude be killing me. I live in Berkeley. Now, are you related to dude?
He was just telling me that tourist take pics of his van. Perhaps he was talking about you.

neo said...

lol...@ the mexifornia id..dang..

Hummingbyrd said...

Mexifornia is tha truth.
When it comes down to it,
IT was MEXICO before it was cali.

But they don't hear me though.

Hummingbyrd said...

He is my uncle.
You live in Berkely?

Sh*t I prolly know you from my telegraph days. Give me five minutues and I bet you I can come up with the 4 degrees of Oakland/Bay Area negroe seperation.

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