Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sometimes I blog slow, somtimes I blog quick.


Im sweeter and thicker than a chick-o-stick. Wow. So much news so little time. I got hella blog ideas in my mind that I need to parlay, so I best to get to it.

Ron Isley is going to jail. Three words. Pay your taxes.

Whats gonna happen to his 'do, once he goes to jail?
Maybe I can get his PFN number and send him a wave kit. ________________

Crocodile man got murked. Its kinda sad, he was a true thrill seeker. He was the real like crocodile dundee. I wonder what kinda insurance his people had on him. ________________

It was a cool weekend. The parkway was cracking yesterday w/ 2 million carribean folks. My 'ol school homie visted from the Bay. She actually convinced me hop the fence on the parkway, so that she could cross the street. It actually was one of the iron parade barriers. All I could think of, was if I got arrested, I know the police would know that I SHOULD have known better. Defensless. Dude. Straight Defenseless.



You need to get your scripts ready.

Sherry Edmonds and the Weinstein Bros just linked up to get somma that negro paper.

She is running her own studio in partnership.
Maybe they can make that black woody allen movie happen!?!?! Yall know imma nerd. And don't act like you wouldn't go see it because you would.

Why do I allways have to be the feminst defender yall?

I am kickinn' it with my homie yesterday. Lets call him Mr. BedStuy.

Over veggie fish cakes at Red Bamboo, he tells me that he is not gonna f*ck with women from his circle no more cuz, the be mashing with mad dudes within the circle..
I told him that it sounds like he doesn't want someone who is been passed around.

I told him that at our age, any person you rocked w/ ain't gonna be a nun & and it was f*cked up for him to criticize female sexuality, but NOT THE behavior of his boys.

He tells me that yes I do have a point, be he ain't trynna rock with the dudes, he tyrna rock with the women, so, their behavior is what matters to him.

I shut up after that.


I think that is it for now.

How was our Labor Day?


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Hummingbyrd said...

What Happen?

This is like, the neglected lil post.

Its ok post.

You still a good post even though no body ain't say nothing about you:(

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