Thursday, January 26, 2006

Here's a little story I got to tell.


Drive By’s and Earthquakes

Athena was sitting at the bar minding her own business when this cat,Trench Coat, walks up and takes a seat at the bar. He asks the bar tender, “Ah, how you doing man?”

Tender responds , “fine….”. Trench Coat “Ah, you don’t remember me? I arn’y you the owner”.

Athena immeditaly starts thinking…Here we go, another negro comin’ up in her dive to start some 'ish. She was already flirting with this other dude that was playing pool, but he was just a harmless distraction.

He kinda looks like a transient. So between bites of her sandwich and flirting w/ the pool player he asked her "What are you writing there?"

Athena ignores him and it is very apparent that he is not used to be treated that way.

He says softly, " I like the way your hand looks, moves when you write."

Athena thought to herself, what kinda kinky ass complement was that? It is different though.

Athena realized that she was not going to be able to eat her sandwich in peace so she askes him "What is your industry?".

he answers "Finance?".

She asks again, slightly irritated,"Naww, nigga really…what do you do?"

"I sell financial services."

"Now was that so hard Mr. Wall street?"

Now he had her attentioe. He was not put off by her brash, and she was attracted to it. Athena loved to banter the way she loved food and sex.

Soon the pool player left her alone and she was holdin a conversation with Wall Street.

The he says, "So are we going to get otta here or what?"

Athena thought, No this nigga didn’t.

She just let out a, throw your head back, cackle and took a deep breath.

This cat was serious. Type A, Alpha DAWG.

She then looked him sqaure in hihs face and said, "You don’t know anything about me."

I know enough about you to conclude that I want to go home, get sticky with you, wake up, go to work, and you to school. Meet you work, go to the movies tonight, and do it all over again.

Is this nigga tryna fuck up my high?

Again you do not know me.

"My family gets on me all the time about not messing with black girls. I just don’t come across them in my line of work."

Athena thought, at least he was honest. Because if she closed her eyes and listened to his voice he show inna hell sounded like a WB to me. Can’t knock a brotha' for how he speaks. She couldn't can’t stand it when people comment on her usage of "the" languge.

She responded to him, coyily, "What if I told you I had that in my life already?"

He ignores her comment.

Total f*ckin’ alpha.

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