Friday, January 20, 2006

The chocolate boy wonder/ makin' heads bop/


So, I went out to Joes Pub last night.
There is nothing like being held at the door at a club and then getting inside and theres only 5 negroes up in there.

I like Joes b/c the lighting is warm and gentle and the couches are soft and cushy.
Pete Rock was spinning those joints. I didn't even know he was gonna be there so it was an added treat. He was on some WU 'ish, w/ Camay and some other Rae jawns ain't heard inna minute. Mainly, Nice and Smooth's "Funky for You". Singing along and dancing has got me feeling tired. But damn if I did not have to get up this morning and take my Model Minority self to Property.

Funny Dudes in Hip Hop
Apparently Cam's panties are inna bundle. He has decided to go at Jay, which is cool for hip hop I guess. He does a have a point about Biggie's Mom's needin' to receive some royalties. But at the end of the day, all of HH is about reusing, other peoples jawns and flipping it into something new and fresh. And how is Cam gonna go at Jay regarding Jays business w/ Dame. They are grown @ss men who are prefectly capable of negotiating with one another. Dave and Benzino have finally got booted from the Source. I wouldn't be surpised if the Feds weren't investigating THEM for money laundering and what not. Yo, that RICO act is real talk.

Why is Paul Wall starting
an online gold front store? Cool nigg@s like they fronts. Which is dope. I am all about
entrepreneurship in the hood. But fronts. Dude. He could do so much better. He need to call Magic and leverage that 'ish. $hit, if he was smart he would poly his celebrity into chain of stores that sold nothing but gold fronts and rims. Nigg@, what if nigg@'s rims matched their fronts. Okay, I am getting delirious and must stop typing.

Google is a damn fool. Why they just tell the goverment, f*ck yo' couch nigg@, and refused to turn over documents regarding an investigation on internet porn. Doesn't google allready have founk w/ mad publishing companies because they just D-bo'd their way into publishing excerpts from books witout getting permission.
Some Negroes Aint Sh*t
So you mean to tell me, you so cheap and so lousy and so unwilling to be a father that you are going to FAKE YOUR DEATH, to avoid paying child support. *SMH* He either needs to upgrade his brand of crack, stop watching TV or both.

Women are stupid for listening to Hip Hop
I refuse to have a conversation with someone who talk about the mysogony in HH and are unwilling to discuss the how the HATERED/ DISLIKE/OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN hatred in POP culture as a whole.

A rant in the Baltimore Sun
, that I have excerpted below, talks about how "WAIT" and GOLD DIGGER are mysogynistic AND are up for grammies. (courtesy of Spine)

See how it sounds, a little unRational. Only a selected few in this country activley cultivate their critical thinking faculties. And unfortunatley, in a Democracy that we live his greatly underutlized because of it, but that is another question. Women, especially, Black women are not honored, VISUALLY and MUSICALLY, in American Pop Culture and American CULTURE in general.

"The industry is so oversaturated with these types of songs," says Nicole Marzan, an industry insider and publicist for the Hyacinth Group, a New York-based public relations firm. "Women's lib — we've taken off our bras already and burned them. Women can wear the pants now in relationships, and they can like these songs without getting so offended."
What in the hell is she talking about women wear the pants in relationships? What relationships is she talking about. Women are disporportionatly everything. Disporportionaly infected with Aids, by heart disease, by diabetes, by breast cancer. Women as a WHOLE, ONLY make 75 cents on the dollar. Speak for yourself. I BEEN offended by the WAIT song. The same way I am offended by Hillary calling the White House a plantation, but thats just me.

Full disclosure: No matter the club I went to last year, an upscale joint or a hole in the wall, women in the place flocked to the floor whenever "Gold Digger" or "Wait" boomed through the speakers.
So. We dance to ignorant sh*t. Miles Davis use to beat the sh*t outta Cicely Tyson and was unapologetic about it. Consequently, I did not listen to ANY Miles until two years ago. I was being hypocritical in listenin' to Snoop's DOPE, anti-female music but, girl-cotting Miles. F.O.H.

"How do you expect the media or anybody else to get upset about these songs when the women don't?" asks Reed Baker, a New York-based hip-hop record producer and chief executive of Sophist Productions. "Women — the women I know — concentrate on the hooks and the beats, anyway. There's a general unawareness of the lyrics."
"The Media" is run by corporations. Corporations only care about the bottom line. People can care, but we would be doing a huge disservice to ourselves to expect the media to care. Its one of the many beauties of capitalism:)

"Hip-hop is all about talking about concepts and content that aren't comfortable," producer Baker says. "It challenges us to contemplate tough issues. The Britney Spears song isn't going to do that. 'Gold Digger' is a deep-song concept, more so than 'Wait.' It challenges some girls to think about situations they put themselves in. It challenges them to think about what they're going after in relationships."
A. I will beat his @ss for saying that WAIT is a high concept song. Right and Ms. Fat Booty is a "High Concept" song. NO dude. "Stakes is High" is a high concept sone. "I Usta Love Her" is a high concept song. "The P is Free" is a high concept song.
B. Ain't nare negro analyzing Brittney Spears nor Gold Digger. Negros don't care. They just wanna dance.

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