Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I didn't even have to use my AK/


/I gotta say it was a good day/.
  • Family Values folks wanna keep a HPV vaccine from women/girls. They think it enourages sex. I thought that was what TV is for?
  • Ex Steeler, Lynn Swann is running for Governer off Pennsylvania. Did I mention that he was running as a republican?
  • Tiombe, Cody Chestnut and Martin Luther are performing at South Paw this friday.

  • Bilal, Robbie (Robert Glasper), Roy Hargrove and other jazzy snizzles are gonna be performing at the Blue Note on Jan 25.
  • Beautiful Hustle has the NEW E-40 video up, Tell me when to go Dumb.Town bisness fam! By the way, why isn't there a Town/ Bay turf dance documentary. It really IS overdue.
  • On the Outs is a new movie that you need to peep. It is the story of three young girls, a drug addict, a drug dealer and a run away. I heard about this film a year ago and I am happy to see that it has gotten distribution. I hope that the young ladies are portrayed as compassionate human beings. After I see It will let you know whussup.
  • I ran into Kenji Jasper last week on the train. He has a new book out titled a, "House on Childress Street." He was generous enough to give me an advanced copy. I am up to my eye balls in Con Law and Property reading and have not been able to read it. However,my hat goes off to anyone who is a WORKING ARTIST in NYC.


Anonymous said...

wowowwww.... no words on that ice cube picture....

Hummingbyrd said... know I be digging for the flicks fam...

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