Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I have to ask/


Does Ye have a god complex?

It looks like he is pushing to envlope in '06. I wonder how long it will take for THEM to silence him. I know he is NOT Malcom. But he is an OUTSPOKEN BLACK male artist. You know that 'ish don't fly. He a mess around and be like Kobe'd, if he keep it up.

Be good. Be brokeback. Its irresistable.

So, look like WB and UPN
is about re-up they game to get more money from the advertisers that cater to hyper-sexed teenagers. I wonder how many people are going to lose their jobs. More New World Order consolidation.
UPN and The WB had both struggled to compete against larger rivals in the broadcast TV business, including Walt Disney Co.'s ABC, General Electric Co.'s NBC, CBS Corp.'s CBS and News Corp.'s Fox. Both place consistently behind their larger rivals in the Nielsen ratings race and have been financial burdens on their parent companies.

You Best Protect Ya Neck

DaimlerChrysler AG announced Tuesday morning that the company will cut 6,000 white-collar jobs, or about 20% of its administrative staff, by the end of 2008.

Again. Why Google is telling the feds, F*ck Yo Couch Nigg!.

Disney is BUYING Pixar. Do we own any Pixar stock? Blog family, lets get out weight up!

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