Wednesday, December 28, 2005


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I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about how sex and money are so pervasive in our lives, especially in the lives of women. However, I could not think of any place where the two issues were analized together. Bada boom bada bing. The sex and money post is born. Tell me what you think blog family.
  • Rapid HIV test,is giving some false positives. When it is finally up and running it WILL change how we date. Read here.
  • Wouldn't be dope if you get your potential smash buddy to take the rapid HIV test when slip a lil' but of "truth serum" into his taco? about a perfect date. All truth, no lies.

  • Pension removal countdown. So. You thought you were gonna retire and live cool. Sike. So far, IBM has got the ball rolling in '06 interms of making sure, employees understand that it is not about them, but the bottom line allways. Read Here.
Now everyone, including executives, will have their IBM pension plans frozen in January 2008. IBM will thereafter only contribute to their own private 401(K) pension plans.

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Interesting blog.

I will add it to my reader.

You're not from the US eh?

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