Friday, December 23, 2005

Honey check it you got me mesmirized with your


black hair and ya fat @ss thighs...

This post is dedicated to the brotha's puttin' it down on the fact that Christmas is down the street AND the subways are running got me feelin' friskay...
She Hate Me
Dude...when Anthony Mackie hoisted Kerry up against that walll I did know if I wanted to run out the theater or...lets just say or...That be Anthony Mackied became a VERB.
Love Jones
I am not gonna front...I do not know how their scene jumped off...but I vaguely remember being moved by that is....
Baby Boy
You ever see the mash going down on the screen and you swallow, and hold your breath at the same time...well when Tyrese got his magnificent self all up in fight...I was like daaaaaaamn ginnaaaaaah!. His Mash is magnificent......

I hear crickets chirpin' blog family...leave a sis' a helps to keep me motivated..that means you stay reading but never post me some of that New Years love...-MM

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