Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cross town beef be like cross town traffic...


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Why White Kids love/don't love Hip Hop
The love hip hop the same reason America loves negros, its reflexive. Knowwhusayin nahmean, know whamean?

They got this ignant ass article inna Villagevoice about what wp's on facebook listen to.
I don't give a flying f*ck about what them nigg*s lissen' to. Somebody did make a valid point about how w collge kids do not "CONNECT" w/ hip hop the way they do with -er, Dave Matthews Band. On one was kinda racist ( you connect to WHAT you connect to), but then again I felt them. It is what it is.

But even to take it one step further, I think that WK's are able to feel some of that ignorant as HH because by and large, it ain't they communities being affected. And before you try and lobb one of them back pack head wrap allegations lissen'!

I peep how when negros come w/ the critical arguments some people who write about hip hop try silence 'em, and undermine 'em, deride 'em with allegations of being a backpacker....But I tell you a$$ quick...being a back packer changed my life fam...and I put that on 83rd and A street. Town business.
RIP to Darcell Lewis.

Think about the people who whine about the old heads complainin' about the state of HH. Yeah we mad, man. Looking at HH hurts. Looking at the hood hurts. Of course we are going to complain. We are the first generation to simultaneously benefit from and lose (many of) the sacrifices that the old heads maintained for us in jthe 50's & 60's.

The Privileges of Being a White Hip Hop Fan
I would even argue that one of the privileges of being a w hh fan is that you can love the music but not trip off how destructive it is.

It has NEVER been just music for us. Never. Sam Cooke. James Brown. Dude. Marvin. NWA. . We might have laughed at Pharcyde or the Beatnuts. But trust...we allways knew which side our bread was butter on, which side of the tree we could swing from.

But it was never *just* music because our ability to speak was *never* just speaking. It was our language. One of the only things that could never be taken from us. Show me a nigg@ who been through some sh*t and I will show you someone with some fascinating language.

For the record.
I personally believe that the MUSIC should not change. I think that the young bucks abilities analytical faculties should be cultivated. But that is another story.

But then again. Some white kid's in the country just as f*cked off in the game as ours. They are being under or uneducated also, so we are all going to h*ll in a handbasket (as my momma say).

On that Go Ignant Mix type that I bought for ONLY $6...there is a joint w/ Casual...and E-40..when I was lissenin' to it this morning I was like...who as THAT nigg@ rappin'....

Why did one of my finals get postponed 'till know imma have to knuckle up
in the next couple of days.... Ohhh wee...New Idea Blog Family...Immm start doing some posts under Sex and Money...'cuz you know sex and money are so pervasive in the lives of WOMEN especially...but if you trip....ain't nobody writin' about that 'ish I introduce to you...


G. Cornelius Harris said...

Dig the blog...I'll keep you posted

Hummingbyrd said...

aww...fam...I am glad you stopped through....

Big Walt said...

"But even to take it one step further, I think that WK's are able to feel some of that ignorant as HH because by and large, it ain't they communities being affected. And before you try and lobb one of them back pack head wrap allegations lissen'!"

I'm not arguing with you, but try living in an impoverished/working class white town. Shit is definitely affecting us.

Hummingbyrd said...

Dude....I know there be some under-educated, under employed white towns too. Thats the ish that gets lost in the discussion.
I mentioned that WK's be having ff'd up 'hoods too.

Big Walt said...

My mistake, I commented before reading the whole thing.

Hummingbyrd said...

Nawww. thats understandable I be doing the same thing too....I am glad you checked back fam...

Anonymous said...

can you please upload that ignant mix man!

Anonymous said...

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