Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why oh, why did I need cappuccino?


Daily Posts

  • So according to an article in a recent New York magazine....Coffee is a half a billion dollar industry in NYC. Half a billion. No wonder I almost be having fights with people on the train all the time. They haven't had their daily crack---er coffee. The article is deep in that it delves into the annals of Dunkin Donuts, whose primary product is ironically is coffee not donuts.
  • Post thanksgiving/taking I have been on a 2 cap and a tea a day diet and my kidneys can tell you, it is the truth....nothing like a good cappuccino right before a four hour studying period.
  • Dave Chappelle is being sued by one of his former managers. Why don't negros understand that you have to keep the Wu money all up in the family? Pay your people.
  • Dude. The Hip Hop show of 2006 is coming and I will BE THERE. DOOM. Big Daddy Kane. Little Brother and Pete Rock. Whats good?
  • Rakim is going to be at BB Kings on Tuesday the 30th of January. That, will depend on how much the tickets cost.


Joey said...

I'll see you at that show. Fucking shit, I am so excited.

Hummingbyrd said...

Dude....can you believe it...that ish is hot...and how much you wanna bet that other folks are gonna show up....when all else fails. dopeness prevails...

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