Sunday, December 04, 2005

And if you tired.....go take a nap.....


Good Evening Blog Family..... I could not resist posting even though....I know that I need to be working on my Con Law outline....I cannot wait for this semester to be over so that I can reflect on the significance, the pressure and irony of Being A Hip Hop Loving, Oakland Loving,Smack Talking, Model Minority in Law is one of those situations where I do not even think I can appreciate the significance of this past its entirety....until the semester is over..... Blog Highlights....
  • Somehow Hashim has managed to find an interview where RAKIM talks about Eminmen's role in Hip Hop....
  • Sacha Jennkins, of Ego Trip fame, is coordinating a graffiti art show that just opened. Peep for more information.
  • Jeff Chang posted more information on the status of the investigation of the BURNED LIQUOR STORES in Oakland. Adisa also contributed to the discussion. I find it interesting the no one has raised the parallel to the burning neighborhoods in France.
Until later this week....bundle up BK...its suppose to be a cold one....and easy....I know how 'yall like to do street justice....yet EVERYTHING has long term and short term consequences...Be Good.

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