Thursday, December 22, 2005

From the womb to the tomb...


People die everyday. You are never prepared for when someone is murdered. I found out this morning that my brothers friend and play brother, Darcel Lewis, was murdered in Oakland on Monday.

Ironically, I called my brother this morning to talk about how fun it is to walk everywhere because of the NYC transit strike...and he tells me that Darcell "got killed".

The next thing he said was that it happened in Broad Daylight.

I INSTANTLY KNEW that it had to do with a woman.

Nigg@'s don't kill other nigg@'s in Broad daylight to settle the score. At least not typically.

And with 17 bullets.

From my limited understanding of only have one semester of Criminal law....17 bullets sounds like depraved heart murder....

Darcell is special to me because he is special to MY brother. Darcell was also helpful in providing me with information two years ago when the Oakland Police CHAINED my brother to a fence and broke a flashlight over his head....That being in peace are in a better place.

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