Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Keep still boy, no need for static.......


So In a nod to Hashim and Bol I am going to try posting more frequent news updates in addition to my normal rants. ((((My first final went okay....as soon as I walked out I realized that I was not analyzing the problems in the most effective way....but I did not freeze up and I feel more relaxed going into the next two weeks of exams.)))))

Daily News Links
  • There are Race riots in Sydney Australia.....looks like they received some mob-fight-training from the klan.
  • Y'all need to rent/view this Sundance award winning movie writen and directed by Brooklyn young bucks about youth gun culture.
  • San Francisco police apparently has so much time on their hands that they can create videos mocking women, brown people and the poor. Dude, their noose is showing.
  • PSK, what does it mean? Pat Riley is back with the Heat and Artest wants to be traded. Well, we new that Artest was going to want to be out. THAT makes sense. Do you htink Pat and Shaq will mesh?
  • She just needs to get popped in her face. Whap....Whap....why are going to sky dive while you are pregnant in the first place?
  • Fiona performed last night at the Nokia theater....I didn't go but...I was there in spirit.
  • Kanye, Kanye Kanye....while I do love your fervor, and your emotion...I don't know spongebob..with your antics as of late...I feel like you are asking your white critics come- music award distributors to humble you. Get at me Ye...we can put some of that energy to good use...ie a Hip Hop Museum in Chicago.....some a national franchise of music studios, a Negro home schooling movement...the sky's is the limit Ye, the sky is the limit.

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