Friday, March 10, 2006

3-6 Mafia does not care about Black People


Howie maui feel the good vibrations/ so many females so much inspiration.

Blog family I have been through it this week. You name it I have prolly experienced it, saw it,
felt it or touched it.
a. I got my first brief back and I learned that I made a VERY critical mistake.
A sloppy mistake.
b. I started panicking about getting a summer job.
c. Bronx Logic (BL) and I were going back and forth about the extent of our relationship. I love Sag's but yall are capable of keeping sh*t to your selves in a way that drives me bananers.

d. A friend that I thought I made thought I made has just UP and stopped talking to me. This is significant because I took it personal, but thats him you know. I learned a valuable lesson.

e. My EX black bill clinton ("bbc") is moving to Chicago this summer. We are hella cool friends now, and it is gonna hurt to not have him a phone call or just a couple of blocks away. We all have to move on. In a wierd way, its like breaking up again. But I think he will be happier there. New York city women be doing three much and likes his g.r.i.t.s. (girls raise in the south).
Like I said this been one of those weeks that, lets just say that I am glad to have it behind me.

Now th
at I have that personal jawns addressed, why Mos Def Gotta look and sound like a slave in Most of 16 Blocks. Was it really necessary for him to sound like Richard Pryor, right before he got a hit, talking out the side of his face and 'ish. I will say that I am glad that Mos is going by is name, family, don't let NOBODY give you no bubbly water.

Innerts is going nuts about that 3-6
mafia performance at the Oscars. Like Chris Rock said. Hip Hop, you are making it very difficult for me to defend you.
My god, I am turning into one of those old crusty people who says thinks like "That song is so ignorant". What is happening? ***Says it like I am turning into the incredible hulk***.

The Academy and friends rewards Black Art that is non threatening or or just plain self hate.Never the positive though. Never.
Halle. Denzel. Kara Walker. The Known World by Edward P. Jones. How are you gonna give a book about a BLACK SLAVE OWNER A PULTIZER. That showed me A WHOLE LOT of character right there fam.
Oh. Its getting darker at 6- 6:30 yall. Thats hella fresh. Plus the sun be coming up a 6-6:30. I hate that dark sh*t. Have you stayin' depressed.


Gotty™ said...

don't worry...everybody currently over the age of 24 is turning into one of those crusty old farts who's out of touch w/the music out these days lol...well, accept for me. I dust the dirt off and keep it moving ;) I'mma be hip like Russell or Stuart Scott or somebody like that.

M.Dot. said...

I saw stuart scott at APT looking gizood.
That black label was telling me to do something but the Wu said Chill ma.

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