Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscars don't not care about Chinese People.


There's 8 million storeies in the city / its a pity/ Don't F8ck with the skins if she's tryna act shitty/ Shout out the Guru/ Primo/ and the Zulululu nation is ona vacation in the ghetto/ .

It is offensive to call label her, above her photo, a Chinese actress. Everybody knows she was in Crouching Tiger which was CLEARLY a Chinese film. Spielberg is not called a Jewish Director in the captions above his photos . Scorcese is not as an Italian Director in captions above his photos . Why her ethnicity gotta be apart of her description!?!?!!?

You might wanna start using condoms in South Dakota.

I was reading a real estate article. At first, I thought this fool was
gonna have my blood pressure raised and then the more I read the more I realized that he does have a point. He is not for rebuilding New Orleans.
a. The city has been on the decline for 150 years.
b. Expensive infastructure to rebuild.

c. New Orleans has not been doing a good job of taking care of their poor socially or economically. [While he does have a point about that, there are MANY cities that do not take good care of their poor, does that mean they should not be rebuilt if destroyed? Where do the people go then and how much is it going to cost to sustain THEIR new lives].
d.Glaeser feels the same way about New Orleans as he does about many cities in the Rust Belt.
He believes that our obligation should be to people, not to cities.

He is not for rebuilding Detroit.

Detroit is the city that produced the cars, that produced the sprawl, that helped destroy the city. [Wrap your brain around that fam].

The durable nature of housing explains St. Louis and Detroit. People can flee, but houses take a century to fall to pieces. It is not just that there were poor people and the jobs left and poor people were stuck there. Thousands of people come to Detroit each year and live in places that are cheaper in part because they've got durable housing around. Some real estate nuggets he put me up on:
There is a close correlation between a cities average January temp and its urban growth.

The more skilled a city's population, the more skilled it is becoming. Entrepreneurs attract skilled workers who in turn attract entrepreneurs.

63K. Median Price of house in Detroit in 2000.

Boston would be just another declining , cold, manufacturing city if it were not for the preponderance of human capital.

Americans are sorting themselves through education and geography more and more every year.

I read that and I was like, who is the fool, talking about WHO SHOULD AND SHOULD have their cities.

Do you think Ask a is offensive? I didn't. Check out this column. He does
something interesting w/ the concept.

Maybe I will do ask a

We can do,

Ask a,
Ask the


Anonymous said...

M dot M,
I like how summarizes that economists article. those were some really interesting points. I need to register for the NYTimes online but I would rather read the paper than let the gubment know what sites I frequent 'specially since the Times and the Administration be at odds.

g.o.o.d. stuff

M.Dot. said...

Peace Fam.

They know everything about you that they need to know.
Bill Gates said a few months ago that the idea of you keeping your information to yourself is a wrap. Accept it.

Glad you likee.....

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Oscar photos-- I think that they put the country the actresses are from, if they don't reside in the U.S. Because they put Mexican in front of Salma Hayek's name. Just a guess... could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Also "British Actress Judi Dench".

M.Dot. said...

IT is still wrong.

If you do not put WHITE Actress Nicole Kidman, don't be puttin' Mexican actress Salma. Just because it is done to more people does NOT make it okay.

As for the Brits, they tend to get far more respect in Hollywood than brown folks. I attribute this to their history.

Mainly Powerful.

Anonymous said...

They actually put Australian Actress Nicole Kidman as the caption to her picture. Also British Actress Rachel Weisz.

They are identifying each actress by what country they are from.

I mean I see where you're going, but they didn't put each actress' RACE by their name, they put their country.

Now if they had put ASIAN actress Ziyi Zhang, then that would have been needlessly identifying her ethnicity. China is her country, Asian is her race. Mexico is Salma's country, Hispanic is her race. Great Britain is Judi Dench's country, Caucasian is her race. Blah blah blah, etc etc.

M.Dot. said...

I am not talking about Countries.

I am talking about which ethnicities are "powerful" relative to others.

You are spliting the Race, Ethnicity hair.

I am speaking about power.

Remember when Spike Lee was asked if he was a director or a Black director.

It is one thing for someone to name you something, and something else for
someone else to name you.

Speaking of naming, who you?

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