Sunday, March 19, 2006

Drink your Hypy juice and go dumb.


This is one of those Powerful Impact boom with the Cannon posts.
I took the above picture at Tower records in emerville yesterday. I know yall would not have believed me if I told you that there is IN FACT hyphy juice that you can buy.

Eastbay express takes on extacy and thizz culture. Did you know that cut that 'ish with meth. Not cool fam.

Its good to hear that someone is doing SOMETHING TANGIBLE
to help the people suffering from Hurricane Starkeysha.

If we truly want to help the poor, rather than just congratulate ourselves for generosity, he argues, rich Westerners have to give up our grand ambitions. Piecemeal problem solving has the best chance of success.

When aid agencies handed them [mosquito nets] out in poor countries nets are diverted to the black market.... or wind up being used as fishing nets are wedding veils.

Charging for nets may sound hardhearted but prices provide more vital information about commitment.

read more here.

2-Pac, Ras Kass and Moss Def on a Jay D track. A minority can dream right.When is someone gonna do something about Meth.

The Washington Post is sitting up here asking whether Meth is the new crack. I been could have told you that.

At least a prominent news paper is discussing it.

In new sex news about teens, apparently there is a group of teenagers at "prominent" Stuvesant High school who gather together in a "cuddle puddle" where "girls are petting girls and and girls are a petting guys and guys are petting guys.

Is she gay or is she "metroflexible"? Listen, don't blame the messenger, I am not making this up. Metroflexible comes straight from the article.

The article is interesting in that it portrays these kids as some special braniacs engaging in the experimental orgy behavior. When in reality, the kids are responding to the hyper sexualized images that they being fed on the daily.

Some nuggets from the article

It is also true that the puddle is just a clique at stuvysant and that Stuyvesant can hardly be considered a typical high school. It attracts the brightest public school students in New York, and that may be an environment conducive to fewer sexual inhibitions. In our school Elle says, peopleare getting a better education, so they are more open minded.

If this is the best and brightest NYC's public schools have to offer, we are in a world of trouble. How can sexual experimentation be connected to ones educational level?

"My mom's like Alair, I don't understand you. I want to be your friend, but I have no control at all...As a person your'e awesome. Your hilarious, you entertain me, your so cool. I would totally be your friend. But as your mother I am worried."
a. Mommas cannot be friends w/ kids. It is called having boundaries. b. She needs to be worried because she has failed to grasp the concept of Momma's being a Momma, not a friend.

Speaking of things that I want more of in life, I just
finished asha bandele's article in this weeks times. They managed to keep that on the super slunder under hunh?
Three words. She
is gifted.
I saw my life as a series of mistakes. He set that lie aside , made me see myself through his eyes until I could love my reflection.

But mostly I was worried whether I would be able to raise a black girl safely in a world that seems to expand in its ability to hate and destroy.

I hate having to be the sole emotional and financial provider for my child. The pressures are too great. If you slip,. there is no one to catch you. But worse, there is no one to catch your baby. Read more here.
Where is here fiction/ memior class? Becuase I want to sign up!

Dagmar O'Conners sex workshop drew so many executives that organizers had to add a second show.

Ready to Die is turning into another kind of
classic now. Biggie can't rest in peace can he?
You mean to tell me that PUFF of all people did not make sure that the samples were cleared? He should have settled. I doubt that the record companies wanted to litigate from the get go.
Why would the judge ban it from being sold? Would they ban Elvis? Sinatra? Is this not a little bit extreme. The album is more thant ten years old for christ sake. It will be interesting to see what is the alterior motive working here.

John Heilemann is hella funny.
" Now let's be clear, the point here isn't that accidently shooting a septuagenarian in face is automatically a firing offense".

Cheney has long been, as Noonan put it last week, "the administration's hate magnet." Now he is a vivid symbol its incompetence as well-- the poster boy for the Gang That Cann't Shoot Straight.

I can't wait to see A Guide to Recognizing your Saints.

Moral Minority meet the Model Minority.
Today's art world is powerfully drawn to Kentridge because he's mastered one of our periods greatest challenges: how to create an art of cultural authority, one that takes the moral measure of hour time. He seems unusually free. He does many things at once. He creates films, drawings and operas. He tells stories. He crosses genres and makes new connections. He has roots in South Africa but moves easily around the world.


Fletch said...

"Meth is the new crack." Why did I take that to mean that Tical was getting back in stride? Damn Hip-Hop.

M.Dot. said...
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M.Dot. said...
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M.Dot. said...

I can see what you mean.

The real Mef vs Meth. That is kinda wierd hunh?!?!?

Big Walt said...

Yes, Virginia, meth is the new crack. It's been spreading west from Washington state and laying waste to the entire Midwest, (people are getting blasted in the countryside in Kansas and Nebraska more than in New York as of now). Nothing's going to be done about it until the zombies start breaking into cars and shooting police in D.C. Oh and btw tell everybody in the Bay to stop rapping about ecstacy. It's the gay drug, yaddadamean?

M.Dot. said...

Oh and btw tell everybody in the Bay to stop rapping about ecstacy. It's the gay drug, yaddadamean?

a. Your a dork.

b. Dude. It is real out there. If I was a teen out there right now, I would have to be on that Ish or something in order to keep from jumping of the bridge.

Anonymous said...

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neo said...

Dope post..I love the way you connect your entries..

@ the RTD issue its sad really..I don't get it myself..I asked myself, "why? After all these years, for so long? I mean..was it really necessary?"

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Ahh you read Asha's piece...her baby girl is my namesake! that was a dope dope dope piece, she's still one of my all time favorite writers and i'm not just saying that because she's the home girl!

Big Walt said...

Nah it's not that bad. Besides, the bridge down the road is above a 2 ft deep creek anyway.

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo
I am glad you you feeling the connects. Transitions are allways hard.
Maybe lawschool is making me a better writer, lol.

The RTD issue reminds me of the 3-6 mafia oscar in how, the media, the establishment, will continually find was to reward unaffirming images of negroes and will find ways to cut down those that we cherish. Ie. Big.

@Ms. Amhad.

Girl, wachu know about the town.
That is some good livin'. The weather is lovely and when it rains, everything is green. How can you resist that.
I am interested in where the students in that neighborhood are going to go to school.

What I meant is that it is THAT bad in the town. Schools suck. Police beatings. Mad pimps. What is a teenager to do but thizz out. It is the same as adults drinking to escape their pain.

Anonymous said...

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the prisoner's wife said...

i think Asha is a great writer. loved the book (didn't know i'd start living it, but that's another story). but the article....there is something unsettling about it & knowing more about her & the back story makes me take it w/ a grain of salt. but she is definitely very, very talented.

M.Dot. said...

I know. I was reading your site and wondered, IS THIS ASHA?

I just feel that we should write, write more, and continue to do so.

Reading ubran tales during the crack invasion in Oakland prevented me from becoming a victim of it.

The question now is, Who will we help with our words?

the prisoner's wife said...

true. i guess that is why we are here. to help others with words.

music helped me begin to think of language in a whole different light. not to blow up Nas AGAIN, but that album really did change my life. it helped me find my voice. i look at music, especailly so-called hip hop today, and i am wondering who will be the one to inspire the youth? who will be the one(s) to paint the pictures of our lives in such a way that we can be both proud & moved to action?

and no, this ain't asha *lol* it was just the first thing that came to mind to explain my experience & now i'm stuck. *lol*

M.Dot. said...


I feel you girl.

We are so special in that we were able to see Hip Hop Pre & Post crack.

Where the young bucks now are hook on corn syrup and hyper consumption.

The Minority Reporter said...

Asha Bandele's Daughter is also a pretty good read

M.Dot. said...


I wasn't really feeling Daughter the way I felt Prisoners wife.

Daughter was on some...If I remember correctly the momma and the daughter had the crazy tulmultous relationship.

I remember not really being able to identify with how disconnected the mother was from her daughter.

What did you think HH'81?

The Minority Reporter said...

I didn't read Prisoners Wife, but I connected with Daughter because of my own personal relationship with my moms.

M.Dot. said...

Oh. Well you have to read the prisoners wife then.

Simple as that.

There is an element of compassion that is in TPW that is not in Daughter.

The Minority Reporter said...

writing that on my list...which for now is a legal size yellow pad. Hey why did your ipod freeze up? I didn't understand

M.Dot. said...


It froze up because pods don't like being connected to multiple computers.

If you try it make sure you have a back up of all your music.


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