Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ghost Ride the Innernetos.


Summer Jump off concert. Nas. The Roots and Erykah at a Jay D benefit concert in May. Who's with me??!?!?!?
This what is so beautiful about hip hop. People w/ similar interests coming together to argue and obsess over obscure Nas disses, the viability of Papoose as an emcee and audio-textual layers of a Premier beat. DJ Premier Blog
E-40 and his SON Droop E inna article in the New York Times. The Bay Is Bubblin' fam.

Eventually Mr. Stevens, who raps as E-40, became renowned for a vocal style that takes bits and pieces from each of his identities, a spirited, intricate gobbledygook of carefully tweaked lingo that reveals itself fully only on repeated listens. The same could be said of regular conversation with him, which is punctuated with phrases — "I'm from the land of the slick talkers and collar poppers," "When I was a young mustache," "I hung in there like a hubcap in the fast lane" — that demand careful attention, and maybe a little context (in order: boastful, wistful, defiant).

In a sense, E-40 wa
s hyphy before hyphy existed. (The word refers both to the music and its attendant culture, which includes, among other things, unusually loose-limbed dancing and ghostriding, an unusually risky form of stunt driving.) "On the old Sick Wid It records, he would get on one of those slow bass lines and he would quick rap over it," Mugzi said. "Now, the music is catching up to him."

Beverky Cleary, age 90. Y'all know y'all usta read Ramona the Pest and Ramona and Beezus!

All I wanna know is where is his son?
Remember all that ying yang about the port situation. Well come to find out DUBAI allready owns ownership intersts in hella US companies. So let me get this reasoning straight. Dubai can run the docks but they can have an ownership intrest in Chrysler:
Dubai International Capital is the third-largest investor in DaimlerChrysler, and through investments with the Carlyle Group and JPMorgan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has dollars and dirhams in a wide range of U.S. companies. Each Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, Baskin-Robbins sundae, Hertz car rental, and Alain Ducasse dinner New Yorkers buy makes the sheikh richer. Don’t tell Congress.
Speak with me fam. I know yall munchin on the fakin bacin' watching VH1 soul cuz its chilly outside. I can't wait for it to warm up. I got some sandals I am ITCHIN' to wear.
Eat. Pray. Love.


chidi said...


i wanna see nas on the first night


i wanna see j davey on the second night.

decisions. decisions.

the prisoner's wife said...

RE: the Dilla benefit concert.

now, why oh why did i leave bklyn???

dammit...i wanna go!!

Hummingbyrd said...

owww. gonna be fun. I will make sure I take flicks for ya:~

Chidi, Is J davey fresh? I heard of them but I have not heard they jawns?

chidi said...


you need jdavey in your life asap!!!

i gotta hook you up in one day.

neo said...

I need to start attending these concerts..but what's a soon-to-be college grad to do?

It was hard to get into E-40 but I respect the man as a pioneer of a style so many have pays to be you..

the prisoner's wife said...


get a good one of Nasir. :)

Fletch said...

That Radio City concert is gonna be the one where Thought, Common, Nas, Jay, a 93 Ice Cube, and Rakim all spit their best 16s over the greatest Primo beat ever, right? I hope so.

That Premier blog is nice. Looks like I got another online distraction.

And Droop E shoulda handled more prod. on Ghetto Report Card. Bay Bridges was a stripe-earning performance.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Fletch.

Doesn't it seem like the innernetos distracts are growing by the day.
And it is so much fun.

I need to concentrate though.

I think I am goin go and, run, my first mile of the spring:)

Jason Pollard said...

No-I cant give Nik the ticket as a present, she wont like it. R u goin to the concert?

mikealexander8527808433 said...

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Hummingbyrd said...

Hell yeah im going.

She don't wanna do the hippety hop
show after last summers horrible Summerstage? It was MAD HOT that day fam.

I need to hussle up some ticket money.

How much are they?

I got a myspace homie that loves BDK, we all can roll if you want to!!???!

I ain't seen yo ass in a minute by the way:(

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