Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Won't catch me runnin'.


Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-pop/
Yeah, you come here, gimme a kiss/
Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed/
Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would?/
Now push it/

Kanye is starring in the adaptation of the Wiz. He is playing the Scarecrow.

If someone takes another persons torn up credit card application, and applies for credit, they will the get it. G

Chris Lighty is "tawkin" about how there is no Hip Rolling Stones. 1. First of all hip hop does not care about older artist. 2. Hip hop by definition is driven by what is new, young and new. 3. Chris needs to get at me so that we can start throwing these hip0-hop cruises. Between my charisma and his contacts, we could be For Hip Hop, for real.

We are we going to have a conversation about urban schools AND surburban schools.
When are we going to talk about how their fates intertwined?

Elliott Spitzer 1. Suckas. 0.

Oakland Revealed.
1. Going home is NOT the same as going on a vacation even if you are visiting the lovely Bay.

2. No one is marriage material until they have dealt with the disruptions that occured during in childhood. ~my pops.

3. San Jose has some good living.

4. The Oil/Car lobby must be hella thick in Cali b/c there is no reason for any one to sit in traffic 30 minutes to go two miles.

5. The New E-40 is cool. There is a section at Rastputin's that is dedicated entirely to Bay mixtapes. I almost bought Rass Kass's, "Instituionalized." But decided not to. I know the beats on there are prolly hella inconsistent which furstrates me about his product.

6. La Vals Pizza in Berkeley is closed. I have been going there every since I was a teenager. Get my pizza,
play a little pool watch the A's on the big screen.
It was a nice U.C. Berkeley amenity that a 'lil Oakland girl could appreciate. When I got old enough I could get a beer to go with my pizza. I musta rolled up there on Monday, La Val's pizza had a fence around it:(

7. Found out that to some people, "I Love You" is the same as "I am IN Love With You.'
Who knew? I personally think that they are seperate.

8. Blog Dedicated to Kelis's husband.

You have managed to do what the Klan has been trying to achieve.

10. Under cover police shot a dude who was shooting into a parked car occupied by two women last Saturday. In broad daylight. So, The
Commissioner is considering a "State of Emergency". Does that mean state troopers to arrest D boys? More Police. A curfew?

11. Bay Area My Block Jawn. You tube baby. So, much pride beaming from my heart when I saw this. Tell me what 'chall think.


Big Walt said...

As soon as my crew and I get our hands on a Super 8 we're doing to do My Block:Dansville as a joke. However with all the gentrification we'll have to like edit out all the expensive houses they're putting up.

M.Dot. said...

Tell me whenna go. Tell me whenna go.

Dumb. Oh the Bay is hella tight right now.

They need to have My Block: New Orleans. But they don't hear me though.

neo said...

Hip hop has always been about the young tho right from the 70's I don't see why anyone would necessarily gripe about the youth coming thing is some of today's youth don't know jacksquat about their hip hop history and that to be is bothersome..

Like I heard J-kwon didn't know who Raekwon was..I mean I just couldn't wrap my head around that..

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

OMG~Sway in the Twamps....Oh to be from the Eastern Side of Oakland, and I don't even get down with the town like that anymore, but you got me actually missing home a lil bit!

I will be back to check out your spot for sure!

M.Dot. said...

@ neo, "Like I heard J-kwon didn't know who Raekwon was..I mean I just couldn't wrap my head around that."
Ahhh thats what happens when you mix capitalism and teenage hyper-consumers that think reading is white.

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