Thursday, March 23, 2006

I said it, I meant it, bite my tongue for noone. ~I miss B.I.G.


Lets analyze the above photo. You have negros and white folks. 40's. Flavor Flave clocks around the neck. And Jeri curls. God I love Hip Hop.
Ok. So staying up for 24 hours DOES allow me to be productive. But I have ended up spending the last two days trying to regulate my internal clock. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the clip:~

I learned about Erica's work from the Eastbay Express last week.
The fabric that she uses is delish an inspiring. I also like the fact that she uses a lot of solid colors. Some of the pieces could be a little bit
more sopisticated. However overall they are imaginative and capture the laid back spirit of the bay.

Why didn't anyone tell me that McCoy Tyner and Ravi Coltrane were performing tonight at Aaron Davis Hall for $10. Yes, matilda, count them ten dollars. You know I adopted John into my network of spiritual angels in 1996. What a rough year? Mills College. Contemplating moving to New York. Being out of my mommas house for the first time. Breaking up with my first love. But I digress.
So Ladies. If we are going to get a paper up we have to start some clubs where we compare salaries, take the findings to our bosses, and request pay equal to men.
Lenore Skenazy of the Daily News

"A lot of women assumed inevitably we'd all get equality, but there's nothing inevitable about it," says Murphy, a former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. That's why she wants women to start forming "wage clubs" - small groups where women can research salaries and determine how to present their findings to the boss. (To start a club, go to
Only the boss can change things - on this, Murphy is adamant. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for instance, a female professor requested a larger lab and was refused. So she measured the labs of her fellow faculty. Guess what? Tenured women like her had an average of 1,500 square feet. Tenured men: 3,000.

Armed with these statistics, she and her female colleagues went to the college president and he agreed to universitywide change.

Without gathering the facts, women cannot approach the boss. Without approaching the boss, as a team, women cannot gain parity.

Starting a wage club may sound daunting. Losing out on $2 million sounds worse.

Where is Benecio del Toro and why hasn't he been in a BIG movie since Traffic??!?!!??! --------------------------------------------------------
Ice Cube is starring in the film version of Welcome Back Kotter. What next, is 50 cent gonna star in a movie about an inner city high school basketball coach who leads his players, who don't know how to read, to a season ending championship?

Frisco native Kevin Epps has a new documentary out, Rap Dreams. They are showing it at the Parkway. For those of you that do not know, the Parkway is a movie theater for grownfolks where beer is served and movies are watched on couches. Talk about some good living.
Leave me some good tawk. It is nice hearing from you all. I know, somma yall got some big 'ol moufs too:~


Anonymous said...

what's good in the hood? been peeping your site. waiting for you to drop some real talk about Hottentot Venus.

see you been to DP's site. that's whats really good. nah'mean?!?

M.Dot. said...

Ohhhhh. Wachu you know about the HV.

You tryin' put me on fam. Alright okay, alright okay.

But a innert matrix thirdwall question. You and DP are one in the same. Correct?

M.Dot. said...

Whoops. I clicked through and found out that you ARE two differnt people. NIIIIICE. Imma see what I can do about the hottentot jawn.

I also need to post up about Malcoms Grandson from FEDS mag. So much work, such little time.

the prisoner's wife said...


the comentary is hilarious.

& i'm down for the equal wages club. where do i sign? (going to website).

who knew there was another cali-bklyn-everywhere woman on the web who loves nasir jones?


M.Dot. said...

Girl let me tell you.

I am serious about reading that thesis too.

There is AN ENTIRE BLOG dedicated to nasir,

Its hella fresh.

*smiles back, showing the gap*

If you ever in BK lemme know:~

the prisoner's wife said...

thanks for the link! i will be checkin.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

ooh you make me miss home damn damn damn, we don't have anything like the Parkway in LA. We have Cinespace, for about $100 you can have dinner and a movie, but I'm talking about beer and pizza in the old school spot!

nice blog you got going on here!

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