Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They killed a homie that I went to school with ~ Cube


The second day I was in Oakland last week I found out that an old friend, Benjamin Weaver, was killed in a hit and run in San Francisco. The driver hit him and drug him several blocks (Santana, Ben is Philly from the train station's little brother. So sad right.) Ben had a one month old baby.
The SFPD has located the killer. What do you say to yourself when someone you knew since you were 16 was alive the last time you went home and is now dead?

Good morning. It is 5 am I have pulled my first all nighter blog family. The brief had to be rewritten, the hair had to be retwisted and the con law, contracts and civ pro reading had to get done.

This may be the first time that I have alone/not tipsey and saw the sun come up, since ever. I wonder if Johnnie Cochran pulled all nighters. I wonder if Condi does. She prolly has to w/ Bushi invading fools and selling ports and what not.

They are building condos and houses on top of Leona Quarry in O
akland. Isn't anything sacred? I know land is at a premium, but damnnnnnnn Gina.
You ever wake up and just wanna listen to Only Built for Cuban Linx? I wonder what that means. Does it mean that I am gonna have a f8cked up day?

Hol up. Hol up. South Dakota done banned abortions now they talking about you can carry gats and buck at fools. Its going down in South Dakota. South Dakota is like France. Why every time I turn around, fools in France is rioting.

They do not care out there. At least they are not blaming the riots on Hip Hop, at least not yet.

There can't be a murder in the "good part" of Oakland. What is the world coming to?

OAKLAND — The fatal shooting Friday morning of an insurance salesman in his Grand Lake district office has residents and merchants wondering whether the bloodshed usually seen in East and West Oakland is seeping into typically safe areas.

Bill Lester 'gon teach NASCAR and them REALLY how to ghost ride the whip.

Leave me messages. I like to tawk.


i like liquor and tv said...

Yes there are many days that I want to wake up to OB4CL. I was just talking about that album yesterday. It's one of my favs.

neo said...

Great site you got here..linked it through Okayplayer...

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

they are not just selling houses in the quary they are selling them for $650,000 and up, one of my homies just purchased one for my family, and my mother is has taken a look at the purchase possibilities.

i was sitting with my home girl at the hair shop in LA last weekend saying I just can't see paying almost a million to move back to East Oakland....

Anonymous said...

jus readin' thru ya old posts from before ya put me on about ya blog. sorry bout ya friend, i remember readin' bout that in the chronicle. that's all bad. there were like three or four hit-and-run deaths in the city around that time. everybody in a rush n shit, needa chill out mayne. know it's late, but sorry bout ya friend. keep ya head up, cuzzo

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