Friday, March 24, 2006

You see chillin in my '66 stang, rollin' around the town doing super big thangs.~MM


Ain't that 'Stang hella clean. I was eating some brunch at Mommas Royal Cafe in Oakland last week, waiting for the owner of the car to come out. As soon as a saw him I raced out and asked him if I could take a picture in front of it.

Come to find out he repairs and sells cars for a living. I love the stangs. Family, when he fired it up, it sounded like a ninja honda.

So LA sherrifs are dropping off homeless people recently discharged from jail and the hospital on LA's skid row. Also other counties are droppin off their homeless. Frankly, the images look like a cross between post-Katrina New Orleans and "Hamsterdam" from HBO's the wire.
If you want to know what HIP HOP thinks of about the fact that the FEDS are trying to give Supreme the Chair, people NAH RIGHT. Ain't nothing like an analytical discussion about hip hop.
You have a cousin in prison. A mother. A brother. Well, while prison culture is apart of our every day lives very little is written about what it means to have a loved one in prison. I recently came up on The Prisoners Wife blog and she does a beautiful job of addressing what it means to have your father, to not have your father, to only be able to communicate with him via letters (God, there are so many of use) and the toll that it takes on the other relationships in our lives.

If you wanna get stomped the f&ck out go a Papoose show talking about peace and stop the violence. Click to see Kay Slay instigate and to see what los innernetos is bubbling about.
Death Row Records may become owned by Bank of America.

LOS ANGELES - A judge on Thursday ordered Marion "Suge" Knight to appear at a hearing next month to discuss his assets — or risk having the court take control of the rap-music mogul's Death Row Records.

Knight has been in a legal battle since he lost a $107 million judgment last year to a woman who claimed she helped start the record empire.

Attorneys for Lydia Harris and her ex-husband, an imprisoned drug dealer who is seeking half of the award as part of their divorce, urged the judge Thursday to place Knight's company in receivership.

Michael Harris' attorneys accused Knight of trying to evade his legal obligations by failing to show up for debtor examinations three times. He was absent from Thursday's hearing.

"Enough is enough," said attorney Steve Goldberg. "It is time for a receiver and an order for contempt. There are rules of court that should be obeyed and Mr. Knight is making a mockery of it."

More here.


I am the Juggernot Beech! I know yall seen this on those internetos.

Best quotes:

"She fuckin' w/ my helmet, I got this sh*t in 4th grade".

"Charles, what the F&ck is this sh*t, Im trippin off acid".

"Im the Juggernot beech, I will beat you w/ your own pimup".

"I don't hoes, I sell candy, don't you see my outfit, Ima part time skiripper and I do hayer".


Lets tawk blog family. Whatchall' doing for the weekend?



CA said...

hahaha i see we have bay area love. mm waffles.

i feel like u should be my AIM friend. lets make that happen.

my AIM = chinedu83

the prisoner's wife said...

1. that mustang is wat clean. my dad had a '66 nova that was so hot. old cars have so much power its crazy.

3. lol@Hamsterdam. i miss the wire. still mad the shot Stringer tho.

2. sis, thanks for the shine, but i think you have me confused w/ Her Soledad: my father isn't in prison, unfortunately my beloved is in jail. but you are so right, it affects so many of us & yet no one is talking.

M.Dot. said...

Ohhhhh. Whooops. I meant you but was talking about Her Soledad.

Thats mad funny.

You inna building now fam?!?!?!?!
I see you one aim a raise you quarts of soy milk.

neo said...

I watched the thing on LAPD via CNN *shakes head* we just have a way of covering up the problems and hoping they'll go away in this country..

On Big suge..hmm..the bully finally gets bully-ed?

@ the Papoose thing: From what I read its kinda weird though dude with the dreads should've had some more tact. You can't just wyle out @ certain types of events..pick your battles..still doesn't warrant the beating nonetheless..sad case really.

M.Dot. said...

Neo. Thanks for coming through.

What is your blog address? Your profile is blocked.

CA said...

lol. crazy.

M.Dot. said...

Who you callin' crazy fam.

Im in Jersey rignt now to...Don't make me come your house and putchu in a headlock:~

neo said...

Haven't blogged there in a while but you and fletch might just help spark something..

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo,

I peeped your jawns. You front and center w/it. Me likey.

jpollard said...

Spaeking of The Roots concert - I asked Nic if she wanted to go when the tickets were on presale last Wed. and Thurs. She was like "nah, I'd rather go on vacation instead" What should I do model minority?

M.Dot. said...

Well Mod Min,

Seeing as Nik is the love of your life and the future mother of your children, you may want to purchase the tickets and bequeath one to her as a gift.

While this may entail selling a couple pints of blood, know that you did it in the name of love, I mean , ass, I mean lust.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
M.Dot. said...

@ Chidi

You on hotmail?

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