Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hip Hop is Hypocritical about Sex or Merry Xmas.


A few weeks ago we discussed the Video Vixens, Hip Hop and D'boys.
I learned a few things about what you all think about women, hip hop and sex.

  • Video Vixens and strippers are some of the most determined, focused and driven women you know.
  • Some of you people believe that it is more morally corrupt for a woman to have sex with rappers and write a book about it then for rappers to sell crack, rap about it, and have baby-oiled up women clappin' @ss in their videos.
  • Others of you think that that the video vixens shouldn't write their books because they have children.
  • And finally, a few of you think that the rappers are entitled to be able to mash with women, and not have their confidentiality breached.
I must say that I was surprised by some of the responses.


Anyone got that NFL channel?

I really wanted to catch, at least the first quarter of the Cowboys game last week.

They Go So Hard. Just Sweet inspiration, I tell you.

Speaking of sports, you think the Knicks can get AI? (clearly I wrote this before he went to the Nuggets).

I know there are salary cap issues, but AI and E. Curry could be a dominant combination.


Er. My folks over at the Smoking Section got Bigged up in this months source.
It seems like '07 is 'bout to be a break out year


Warm wishes to you and yours this holiday season. I have some treats up the sleeve. A letter to black girls, a letter to black parents. Oh. And my Nas review. I might just go ahead and get that poppin' today.



Gotty™ said...


M.Dot. said...

Hi Gotty.

Anonymous said...

that new nas is fire. cant wait to read the review. my boy keeps sayin the beats arent that great. but i dont think so. i think the beats are so perfect. they compliment his rhymes perfectly. whats your favorite track on the joint????

M.Dot. said...





Big Walt said...

Lions beat Dallas yesterday.



Anonymous said...

I been around. actually traveling a little bit. keeping bread in my pockets. trying to figure out my next move.

how was your new years???

Anonymous said...
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