Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But the Goons Stay Frozen


via Grand Good

AG's verse on this 'ish is nasty. When was the last time you
heard a verse and you
put your hand over your mouth because
you couldn't believe what you were hearing? Thats how I felt
when I watched this video. AG rhymes,

Tight with production/ the crates overflowing
We always keep it humble/ but the goons stay frozen.
AG sounds dumb hungry. It's, dare I say it, refreshing?

I think O.C. and AG, are on that thorough, I'm going
to play my position "Boot Camp" steez. It works.

I mean. I envisioned myself listening to this track,
riding on the freeway in that Lemon Yellow '68 of
my dreams.

I would would put MY cold hard cash
down to see these cats in a show.

Yes indeed.


via GG

The intercuts between LoLife and Ralph Lauren is egregious.
Someone, either the director or the editor HAS a razor sharp
of humor.
"Yo, we wanted to get these n*ggas, he had on
some Lo, I ain't see, I was like yo".
Oh. It's like sad, and funny and funny. I felt uncomfortable
enjoying it. Like listening to some Ol' D B, around older
Black folks and White folks.
"We the reason why they wearing his shit.
Because nobody was wearing that shit until
lolifes put that sh-t on"
Man. That statement is so loaded.
Its like "Tommy Hilfiger don't want Black people
wearing his stuff" all over again.


Speaking of Boot Camp and Buck.
Here is the new video for the 9th & Buck Project.


Excuse me while I go ponder how Jeremiah Wright
reminds me of Hip Hop......

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