Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweeter Than Ben and Jerry's


All Clips Gaffled from Grand Good

I saw Tribe at a Rock the Vote Concert in '96, somewhere
in the boonies of California.

I don't remember them being so pleasurable to watch
as Qtip is in the above clip.

I hate sterile hip hop shows, where people stand around
like they are bored at an industry party.

This clip indicates that Tip's show is the exact opposite.

I now wish I went to the concert. Fail.

I bought, with cash, every Count Bass D cd that I own,
which is about three of them.

Dead at "If you had to stop doing it, Im doing this for you."

Truest thang I heard all day.

Happy Holidays Blog fam.



the prisoner's wife said...

oh how i love Kamaal the Abstract. he STILL has IT....he's crazy live. the grown-up b*girl in me wishes he was my 2nd husband (i'd add mos to the fold as well, it'll be a native tongues collective @ the house LOL)

Happy Holidays, sis.

M.Dot. said...

I ount know.

Between Black Thought and Tip...Ohhh weee.
I saw tip once @ a buritto spot.
Shoulders as broad as the day is long.

Them boys give me the wiggles. gender issues. No thanks.

Happy Holidays to you too.

the prisoner's wife said...

i almost forgot about Black Thought, although he's a bit too short for me. i saw him out once, CUTE, but short. :S (<~~ that was my face). i forgot to add Common to the team. i think i need to subscribe to the Badu philosophy of the Bambula Tribe lol

Model Minority said...

Badu philosophy of the Bambula Tribe lol
Whus that?

the prisoner's wife said...

you had to hear her interview w/ Wendy Williams a few years back. but basically it boils down to this...

basically building a harem of dope rappers.


Model Minority said...


Yo...Im not d with no harems....yikes, yikes,
People ain't objects....

Reminds me of that post about Pimping...that I been playing around with in my head.

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