Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Conclusion


I am coming to the conclusion that most
of the people who Blog about Black people,
Hate Black people.

Damn Homie.


vincentlopez said...

Word. When I visited New Orleans last week, my new brother in law told me soemthing like that no less than ten times. He said that many of the problems in that city stem from Black people just hating themselves.

Model Minority said...

I was looking at some of these blogs and was like YO... some of these Black people really trade benign hatred of Black folks for hits.

I mean, how could we NOT hate your selves.
We are the people who had to make songs about
being "Black and Proud" just to feel Black and proud.

White Supremecy demands that we hate ourselves.

I think I am going to do a post on being a post civil rights baby reflecting on the failures and
sucesses of the civil rights movement.

the prisoner's wife said...

hmm, dunno. i know i don't hate myself & i surround myself w/ bloggers who speak truth to power.

all the nonsense gets hits because people LOVE to see the demise of others. it sometimes knocks them down to size. it's crabs in a barrel, the online edition.

Model Minority said...

it's crabs in a barrel, the online edition.

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