Thursday, June 11, 2009



I have a few posts in the cooker. I haven't forgotten about
you all. I have always been working on Brooklyn Magic. Stop
by and say hellloooo.

There are so many interesting conversations happening
in the world
and posts that I want to write. Some ideas:
  • Sustainable, Local Economies
  • California is South Africa
  • When White People Say, What Can I Do?
  • I Love Hip Hop, But I Love Myself Even More
  • Dyson, Tavis, Lacewell and Obama
  • Toure, Aliya S. King and the End of Journalism
  • Black Men and Depression
  • White Kids, Hip Hop and Green Money
  • "I Wish I Were a Boy" [Thoughts on Karinne Stephans]
I am here. Just under the weather, trying to figure out
how to be a service employee. Is there anything that
you want me to cover?

I am also working on my first magazine pitch. I am nervous,
but excited.


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