Saturday, June 17, 2006

Model Minorties Love.Hate.Love Their Fathers.


Our fathers. We wouldn't be here without them right?!?!?! Well. I thought of putting together a post listing books and songs that speak on what it means to be a father. First up. Is Ed Og and the Bull Dogs, be a "Father to your Child".

I got a Uncle who will tell you inna heart beat, that "Be A Father to your Child" is his all time favorite rap song. He is old school. In his heart music needs to have a positive message. While I don't agree 100%, I do understand his reasoning.
Where is Ed OG? Didn't he put out a EP Pete Rock?

Second is RM Harris's series of Books. Now RM is one of those dudes that let you know from jump street that he is writing about the brotha's and that he loves them, the all good AND the all bad.
RM Harris is on some other sh*t now. However his first novels, are written so lovingly about black men, abandonment and trying to hold your family together in face is insurmoun
table obstacles. (Did I just use insurmountable inna sentence? I need to stop going to school).
The next up is. His book Finding Makeba by Alexis D. Pate. Finding Makeba is beautiful. It is about rediscovering your daughter. Thinking that you can live without your her only to learn that she is a essential part of your life.

In a Philadelphia bookstore, African American writer Ben Crestfield asks a young woman for her name so that he can autograph a copy of his first novel for her. When she replies, "Makeba Crestfield," he realizes she's his only child, the daughter he hasn't seen and he left her mother when Makeba was 10. Ben's novel is the thinly disguised story of his marriage to 19-year-old Helen, who was pregnant with Makeba when he was a 22-year-old part-time English major studying on the G.I. Bill in the 1970s, and how the relationship unraveled over the next decade as he tried to be both an artist and a responsible family man, churning out copy at an ad agency to pay the bills.
The next up is, writer who, if I were his friend, I would e-mail him every day and tell him that you need to write about being a Black Male Father, who IS committed to raising his son, who is largely motivated by the fact that his OWN father left him. Maybe I will summon him with this post. Smile.

Samori Maceo-Paul Coates is the big-headed result of my union with Kenyatta Matthews. We met during a mutual stint at Howard University and have been together ever since. Before we met, she had a dim view of men as fathers. Her plan for parenthood was basically: get pregnant by some dude and then conveniently lose him. A father would only complicate things, she thought. When she got pregnant with Samori, I was able to convince her otherwise, but during my time as a dad, I have given my share of evidence to bolster her original view, and today's trip in the rain only promises to add another letter to the file.


On a personal note. I scared the bejesus out of my father last week . I did not call him back and I was going through that 'ish getting grades back and adjusting to a "few" new jobs.
He panicked. It was the first time, since 9/11, that he showed up at my moms front door, first thing in the morning. Real Talk.

Suffice it is to say he got a taste of what it was like to try and contact me, and I was unreachable. Historically, he has been the one who dissapeared on me. He conceeded that, in an ironic twist, he got a taste of it last week. Full disclosure. I did not do it on purpose. In fact,
I never thought of it like that until he brought it up.

It was very comforting for him to concede how panick inducing it is to try and contact your father/daughter, when you know they are going through some 'ish, and you can't reach 'em.


How 'yall spending fathers day blog fam-a-lam? Its hot all-across the country. Summer here. The feet are out!

Blogger is really tryna rock with me yall. I have been trynin' to post this post since Friday. Come on blogger, don't start tynaa front, just when the comments section start poppin off.


the prisoner's wife said...

yes...blogger has been tryna hold us down. but what did Diddy say?

take that. take that.

anyway...i spent father's day talking to beloved. he bought some extra calls & we talked a lot. he's given up jesus for allah, so i went to the islamic center & bought him a prayer rug & kufi (but of course they aint have the red/gold/green rasta kufi he wanted *lol). then my fam (mom, dad, grandma, brother, and baby) went to the Olive Garden for lunch. it was cool. i wish i could have SEEN beloved. touched him. but soon come. this was his first "official" father's day. i'm glad i made a big deal out of it last year when mini-me was still in the womb.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i was up in the bay enjoying the lovely fresh air, parlaying with the man who raised me. Copped him an amazing book called Freedom chronicling the Civil Rights movement all the way from Slavery. It's a cold piece of work, I'm gonna have to cop one for my own library!

made a fat ass brunch for the family and just thanked the Most High for my blessings..while simultaneously holding a grudge against my biological sperm donor!

M.Dot. said...

Mini me.

That is so cayyute.

Yeah man. Seeing is believing when it comes to our loved ones.

Soon Come, soon come.

M.Dot. said...

Ms. Ahmad.

Wachu know about a cold piece-a-work.

Thats that trill right chere!

Blessing and Grudges= the essence of life right!

M.Dot. said...
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Gotty™ said...

I fucks w/RM Johnson. Well-written material there.

Men Cry In The Dark (author's name slips me) is in a similar vein and enjoyable.

M.Dot. said...

Men Cry in the Dark is writen by Michael Baisden. I do not like dude.

He has a very regressive view of women.

vik said...

be a father to your child -'re gonna make make me find my ed og album. what a classic. feel like a nut....i gotta have it....bugaboo.

i miss hip hop. when it was fun. when it didn't make you wince.

ed og did an album with pete rock. its aaaaiiight.

happy fathers day everybody.

good looks on alexs pate. man doesn't get his shine.

Ms.Honey said...

First time by..I loved the post. I'm glad I got to see and spend time with my daddy on Fathers Day....I shall return to read more...

M.Dot. said...

@ Vik.

Dude. I totally forgot about Bug a Boo.

Thats sh*t was hella fresh.

I heart being a B-Girl.

M.Dot. said...

@ Honey Libra

Glad you came through.

Libra's inna house say, What! GYYYYEAH!

It was fun putting together this post and I am glad you liked it.


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