Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hip Hop Told Me it Loved Me.


How do I know Hip Hop loves me?

Well. A few songs can illustrate said love.

1. Bonita Applebum- Tribe
That video was so, fun and playfull, brimming with whimsey.

I like to tell you things, some brothas don't.

Satisfaction, I have the right tactics/ and if you need 'em I got crazy prophylactics/
So far I hope you like rap songs/ Bonita Applebum/ You gotta put me on.
It reminded me of kids at the "popular table in the cafeteria", banging out a beat, serenading the a sista' who was president of the drama cluba and still didn't give him any play.

2. My Favorite Ladies- Doom
The song opens up with,

"girl/ you make me wanna eachu/ everytime I see you/ its like the first time a sentchu/."

"She from Columbia so she really Spanish/Cookie know how to make a bank account vanish."

Yeah. It do go down like that from time to time.
What. Doom got game like that.

3. On the Road Again- JB's

There is something about this song that I have allways liked. Um. The singing on the hook.
The Horns, the bass line. It allways reminded me of running through the jungle, looking for my love.

4. Hot Sex Onna Platter- Tribe
This bass line is sick. And the fact that Tip just started it off w/ "Where ya At", like what nigg@, where yo a$$ at, cuz I got something for you with them broad a$$ shoulders. Hello!

5. Freaky Tales- Too Short
This was the most raunchiest song I ever heard up until that point.
It was differnt from 2-live Crew, cuz luke and 'nem would Rap n' scream. 2 short, would, just slur his sh*t out, so you could hear ever nasty 'lil word.
Whereas short, was like, "I met this girl, her name was brenda",
with that crazy a$$ 808.
That jawn would lbe rumbling the trunks of mad oldsmobiles in east oakland.

6. Paper Thin- Mc Lyte
She started it off right. Just brining it to heads.

/When you say you love me/ it doesn't matter it goes in my head as just chit chatter/.

That was BBC's ring tone when I couldn't talk to him last fall. Lyte put a FOOL on blast
IN A SONG. Again the bass line was all swirley and fast. When I hear it I think of riding downhill on path in the woods, hair blowing, smelling jasmine blossoms.

6. Why You Wanna- TI
What can I say. He killed me with , "give him back his ring/ and his key".
Those two issues are hugely symbolic in a relationship and he hit the nail on the head!

He ends the song with , I got one question, "Is you happy?". Thats that trill right there. Because, if you are not, then it is the perfect segue for a conversation on why TI needs to be given a chance.


Men are interesting in the way they are able to compartmentalize.

BL and I go at it b/c he can separate sh*t out, and put it in categories, whereas I see things as being Super Connected and related.

For instance, when he introduces me to people, I wanna know a little bit about their story jus to get some context. It helps me see how they fit into his relationship web. Wherease he doesn't really see the back story as being relevent.

Another example was a conversation that I had with Gotty about an estimated 40 thousand women being brought to Germany to have sex with World Cup spectators.

Gotty was on some 'ol, I can't do sh*t about it, so why should I trip.
I responded stating that, dude, that is out and out slavery.
And of course it deserves a response, simply because it reflects global societies view of
poor women as available sexual objects.

No one "chooses" to be human sex pods, and if they do, they deserve, health care, 401k's, vacations and childcare. Don't half a$$ it, give it the structure and respect that the "oldest" industry deserves.

Its human trafficing. Its slavery. It does not need to be happening. If it is going to happen, it needs to be monitored, analyzed .

There was no way, upon learning about these women, that I could not connect
their position to the often powerless position that poor women, and poor people as a whole, around the world, have been in.


Apparently Big Pun usta smash his wife's face on the regular. It will be interesting to see HOW MANY MORE women speak up.

Sista's who were in relationships with and had been physically abused by rappers are speaking up. Muy interesante.

Can we call this the Ms. Stepphans affect? (Women in the game that live to tell it, tell it.)

I procured this from

Wow. It is the fourth of July in '06.

I think I ate my weight in watermelon.

I have some Brooklyn, Coney Island, kids throwin' sand stories to tell yall.

How was your fourth?


the prisoner's wife said...

the 4th was cool. talked to beloved, hit a few stores, too hot to take the munchkin to the beach & too crowded to take him to the park (the swings are nasty anyway). besides, he was sleep a lot.

the hip hop love songs....

my FAVORITE (ok, one)...

BROWN SKIN LADY!!! (you make me boom boom boom boom boooooooom)

and also...
Roots--Shining Star/Hypnotic
BEP--The Way you Make Me Feel
Kweli--Can I Talk To You (actually, i just love it for Bilal)

too many others

Hummingbyrd said...

Sis. You gotta tell me why though. Why, why why?
How could I forget about my roots.

Then I was thinking of Digit Undergrounds, kiss you back and was like, er. I think I may have to do do a part 2 of this post.

the prisoner's wife said...

old age? lol

looks like you need a part 2 (then would "act 2" *the roots* Qualify?).

bygpowis said...

i was a fraid of hip hop. didn't trust my blackness. didn't like myself. whole bunch'a other shit i'm over now. so i asked someone where to start in the game. the guy pointed me to everyone who ended up on dave chapelle's block party.

1. "libaration" by outkast
there's a fine line betwen love and hate... that's liberation and, on my best days, i wan'it. finaly found a soundtrack for the noise in my head.
2. "scenario" by leaders
the white boy at my lunch table knew the lyrics nad i didn't. my blackness was in question. i had to memorize the damn thing.
3. "climb" by mos def
life lessons, man. what else is there to do in life. "night time is when the things get heavey/feel alone nad you want somebody..."
4. "the things i've seen" by spooks
"And it's a shame that most of y'all are followin sheep/Wallowin deeper than the darkness, you're fallin asleep"

vik said...

great hip hop list m dot.

my fave tribe line would have to be: if i was workin at the club you would not pay.


what's good? been a while. you're puttin in work.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ sista momma

Yeah. Imma have to make it a part two.

It was so much fun coming up with this idea to.

I heart blogging:0

Hummingbyrd said...

@ bygpowis,

Issues with Blackness. We all do.

Especially when you fed self hate for breakfast.

Crack for lunch.

And Rappers as role models for dinner.

Your list is cool. However, I never liked the spooks. They just ain't rock like they were sincere.

"My blackness was in question, I had to memorize the damn thing".

Did you intergrate the school? I hate intergrating schools. It is so heavy on my little model minority spirit:(

Hummingbyrd said...

Vik, Vik, Vik,

Yeah a sista been all in NYC, Jersey, the Bronx. I have post's saved, just haven't taken the time to execute them.


If I was working at the club you would not pay.

Yup. Electric relaxation dude.

How could I forget?

Come to think of it.
Tribe was very sista' friendly.

the prisoner's wife said...

yeah they were. i think that's why everybody had a crush on Tip.

...and then Ti's reincarnation, the mighty Mos.

gotta love them dudes.

pun's revenge said...

I can't even remember what this underground DVD was, but a few years back I saw a clip of Pun and his wife arguing, and he just waddled over and started hitting her with random objects. It was a little disturbing to say the least.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Puns Revenge

I was talking to my girl who is from the BX and apparently he usta send his wife to the emergency on the regular.

Who knew?

Disturbing is only the begining.

Miss Ahmad said...

girrl you know you too young to know anything about Freaky tales!

About going to summer school at Fremont High when my fine ass dude would come swoop me in Cutlas with wrinkles, on them gold thangs with candy paint (Miko's Candy Paint that is), what you know about that?

The funniest part was all the girls Too $hort was really talking about, a whole bunch of 'em lived in East Oakland, the twins lived around the corner...damn that's when life was good, and hip hop was still mine to love!

Hummingbyrd said...

Girl, let me find out.

My brother went to Fremont back in those Freaky Tales days.

Thats where I got the music from :)

"And Hip Hop Was Still Mine to Love" is a dope book title.

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