Saturday, July 08, 2006

You Can't Blame the Youth


Cant blame the youth. Hot jawn right!?!?!

It is a parents responsibility to ensure that their children learn how to read.
It is a societies responsibility to step and and assist parents, when the parents are unable.

We either pay to educated 'em now, or pay to inprison 'em later. Our choice.

When the kids grow up to be grimey hoods with few legal "marketable" skills sets, you can't blame the youth. FA 'SHOW.


Cat on on 125th was selling a book called the "Destruction of the Nigger Mentality". Full disclosure. I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK. Based on reviewing the table of contents it, humorous, serious, relevent, with a big gulping dosage of a pre mecca Malcom. ______________

White Boy creates a Hip Hopera that he desribes as a ghetto comedy and a social drama. Er. Ok. I would like to see it for myself. Tix are $8.


He was one of these seen the world men. These done things they afraid to tell their momma men.
- Yolanda Joe, "Video Cowboys"
Today was one of the first rain free Satu
rday's in a hot minute. I spent the entire day in Harlem. Showing apartments, running around like I had no business. BL and I be straight symbiotic. We will see someone w/ the crazy outfit on, and look to get the other persons attention. The problem with that is when one of said indiviuals with a crazy outfit is a grizlle uptown chick, with a wifey on, some uptowns, metal chain for the keys. The whole nine. Did I mention that she outweiged me by a good 40 pounds. Now yall know that the 'town is gully, but laughing in the face of uptown grizzley females is the equiv of plain asking for an @ss whuppin. I can't help it. I get the giggles. It was cool, in the end. It was just hard to keep it in given some of the combinations I saw. What I DID see that was fly was the SOURCE of all them PUNKY brewster style colorful uptowns. I hit the mother load. They actually had uptowns with RAINBOWS on them blog fam! WHHHUUUUT? _______________
I recently came across a quote that said that perceived,

Sports as societys proving ground for moral and ethical issues.
- NY Times Quote, May 2006

This statement resonated with me because of how closley the "moral value" or " moral impact" athletes actions OFF THE COURT afffect how they are perceived as atheltes and in general as human beings. Kobe anyone? Marian Jones. Barry Bonds.

According to the New York Bar association 10451 is the POOREST ZIP CODE in the country. It is located in the bronx. Deep Right. They sitting up her talking about Hurrican Katrina ("HK"), and we have some HYPER vulnerable folks with in 10 miles of Wall Street. Say Word!


Yall remember Gloria Naylor. She wrote "Women of Brewster Place".
I just finished her new book, "1996" and it is BUGGED(literally and metaphorically, more about that below). In the book, Gloria is the main protagonist, (its a fictionalized memoir). She is living in a recently purchased home in the Sea Islands. She messed around, after only being there for a few months ,and killed the neighbors cat. Then all h*ll breaks loose. The neighbor's brother WORKS FOR THE "N" "S" "A". Spoliers below.

Gloria goes on to be tapped, followed, chased, have her mind read using advanced electronic miliatary mind reading equipment. Blog fam. Could I make this up? Peep this excerpt of a review,

The fictionalized memoir purports to detail what became of
Naylor's life after she moved to a secluded stretch of St. HelenaIsland. Her intention was to spend a year writing in the serene island setting, plant a garden and spend time enjoying the lifestyle she had worked hard to obtain.
But shortly after moving into her home, Naylor has a run-in with an eccentric Jewish neighbor who "had at least a dozen cats." When "Eunice" refuses to keep the cats out of Naylor's garden, and Naylor ends up taking matters into her own hands, the dispute turns ugly.
Eunice's brother also happened to be the head of the National Security Agency. The bad blood between the women led to Naylor's being investigated as a drug-dealer and labeled as a dangerous anti-Semite.
It wasn't long before Naylor discovered that she was being followed everywhere she went. When the harassment became unbearable, Naylor fled her Southern refuge and returned to New York, where the scrutiny escalated into mind-control.

So much bloggy goodness coming up fam. How was your Warm July Weekend? I danced in Fort Green Park so hard yesterday, my feet needed three showers! ____________________


Anonymous said...

Gloria Naylor is a beast. If you haven't already read it, definitely check out Linden Hills. It's one of my favorites.

M.Dot. said...

@ GC

Let me find out.

Linden Hills is one of 5 books that I have read twice.

She has SUCH a way with words.

What else have you read lately?

Anonymous said...

Fort Green is one of the best parks ive ever been too. im a park connoisseur.what was going on there? Damn do you know anything more about that mind reading shit??? thats real crazy. and does knowing the government can control your mind make you nervous???


M.Dot. said...

Hey J.

Where you been?

Ft. Green park is HELLA FRESH.

Mind control dude.

I was skeptical, but it is certainly plausible.

Gives the term 1984 a whole new meaning.

Read Glorias book.

She talks more about it.

the prisoner's wife said...

Awww....Fort Green Park. I saw Bilal there in '04. the park is cool, one of my favorites (right behind central park & prospect park).

dude, i haven't read a book cover to cover in so long. i used to DEVOUR books in like a day or two, but rest for the weary.

you showing apartments now (i say now like i know what you've been doing lol)?

NYC is a city of so many contradictions. so much wealth & poverty within blocks of each other. although that's so weird that the poorest place in the country is in the boogie down. it seems like every boro has had it's rise except the BX (even SI and that isht is way far).

M.Dot. said...

I think it is quite poetic that the spiritual home of hip hop is near/in the poorest zip code in the country.

I think that says alot about what Hip Hop was is and will be.

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