Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You Need More People!!!!!!


This shirt from Lemaur and Dauley is that trill sh*t. While J Does not like these Hipster T's I think they are downright fresh. In fact the t-shirt represents the essence of me. BL allways has to tell me to take of my running shoes and put on my boxing gloves.

But 'chall, I don't be wanting to fight sometimes. But 'ol boy be like, if you want your dreams, you better get them boxing gloves and work on your fundamentals baby:)


6 Asian cats beat the snot out of a latino dude in Frisco aka the Sucka Free. Mac Jay, why yo people acting up?

Prosecutors are gunning for the hate crime.

Why can't modelminorities just get along?

Why do we keep hearing about these cases?

Is it that the prosecutors are pursuing these cases more vigorous
ly, or they just getting more media coverage.

This is the second time today that I heard of a gang beating someone and it being treated as a hate crime which is a federal felony.


Vibe has been sold. And Danyel is back at the helm.

Where Oakland @ Nuccas!?!?!!?!?!

And where is her blog? Its been hijacked by a japanese cat.


So we learned last week that Gil Scott has The Virus and left rehab last week. Is it legal for a newspaper to print someones HIV status? That's my question. I am under the impression that ones status is HUGELY confidential and to mention it is a breach which will have yo @ss up in court with the quickness.

He gon' mess around and die in jail if he keep on acting up.


I like reading the wedding sections of The Times. I like to see, who married "UP" or "down". I envision what the babies are gonna look like. Im a nerd. I know.

I like to look at the descriptions of the families and I wonder how the "receptionist
mother" feels about her daughter who just graduated from Harvard Med School and had just married a man who has graduated from Harvard Med School.

I look for brown people. It do Be some model minorities in the wedding pages from time to time.

Elizabeth Dee and Doug Wada were married on Thursday at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Rev. Thomas W. Ahern, a Roman Catholic priest, officiated at the ceremony.

The bride, 33, is keeping her name. She owns Elizabeth Dee Gallery, an art gallery in Manhattan. She graduated from Mount Holyoke. She is a daughter of Bonnie Grayson Dee and Arthur Hollis Dee of Frederick, Md.

The bridegroom, 42, is a painter whose work is on display at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Conn. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts. He is the son of Alice Wada and Robert Wada of Claremont, Calif.

I pay attention to whether the people are smiling in their shots.

I love when I see someone who just got and mba/jd/md from Columbia, Yale, Harvard and I see that their parents are good old working class folks (ie receptionist, mechanics, bus drivers. I am curious when the parents and or their employment IS NOT mentioned. I wonder how they handle thanksgivings. Do they invite their Ivy league friends home. Do the front about what their parents do. Do their sibilings resent their mba's/jd's/md's.

Awww. The good ald fashion questions of class mobility.


Scarface in Bk. Moes. Sunday night.
The writing in the movie was priceless. I knew that it was abou
t gangsta's and what not.
But I did not know that it was a immigrant tale also.

How can you understand Hip Hop with out analysing Scar
face. In fact that would be a dope documentary. Fools talking about how the film influenced their rhymes and their style.
I stay seeing dudes, with scarface, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, leather jackets. Infact, for the past few weeks I have been playing around with the idea of a series of street portriats with dudes explaining where their from and why the rock the 'face.

N*ggas love eating chicken.


I like that " you need more people slang". I think that it is quite fitting at this point in my life where I am learning that I am only as strong as my network and my consistency. Es Verdad? What have you learned about yourself recently, blog fam. Where yall at. The boards been 'lil quiet since the n*gga post.



rafi said...

You're killing it R. Today was quite a twofer.

What have I learned about myself recently? Well, I definitely married up but I may have succeeded in bringing my wife down.

By the way it's 6 years later and I'm still racked with guilt for overlooking my parents in my wedding toast. Ah, fuck 'em.

Gotty™ said...

I think that chick disappeared or some shit. Tinja or something like that.

GSH got the bug?


Hummingbyrd said...

@ Rafi.

Yeah Man.

Its been a minute.

But guess who's bizzak.


Your wife married down!?!?!?!

You crazy!

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Gotty.

And what is wack is that they just busted out with his status in the freaking NEWSPAPER.

Not cool. Where are his lawyers fam?

Who disappeared? Who/What Tinja?

the prisoner's wife said...

on bringing folks home: i didn't graduate from an ivy league college (fight on Trojans!), but i'm the first person (besides my dad) to get a BA & the first to get a masters....i've never fronted about what my parents do (mom=school front office mgr, dad=teacher/coach). i think people who feel the need to front have a crack in their self-esteem. true, i used to feel out of place at my private schools, especially when we had a beat up car (i'd ask to be dropped off down the street), but you hopefully get over that. such is life & growth. we don't all come from the same place.

(sidenote: my book "The Last King" by Nichelle D. Trable just arrived! yay!! a little Yay Area shout out)

2. scarface: GIRL! you should write a paper on it & get some grant money and just travel to all those confrences adn talk about hip hop & scarface! man. if you lived in any 'hood environment & felt/saw the influx and rise of crack on our streets, you had a certain respect for Scarface (i mean, look at Belly...Hype straight gaffled an entire scene). the rebel--eff you--mentality is what we (the hip hop gen) have adopted, i mean, look at the screwface (mad dog, mean mug, whatever)?

on the immigrant level, esp being from a non-european country, they can relate. the struggle, the lack of opportunities...many have made their way outside of the confines of the law. i know beloved & his peoples (all born a yard) LOVE that movie as about as much as they love Shottas.

the prisoner's wife said...


and YAY for Danyel...she needs to pen some more books (and no more detours outta cali!).

Hummingbyrd said...

I know hunh.

Im glad she got the job.

But dayum.

In fact she has been encouring me to blog from day one.

Oakland innna house!

Jason Pollard said...

They already did a documentary bout Scarface it was included on the latest special edition DVD. I never saw it, but P Diddy, Snoop and some other hip-hop heads are in it talking about how it affected their lives.

I lost a lot of love for the film after I saw the original.

the prisoner's wife said...

who wants to see Diddy talk about another damn thing? i mean C'MON! his day has come & gone...needs to stick to Sean Jean.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ jase


Just because the DOC has been done does not mean that I can't bring my lil swag to it.

You steady be (pun intended) hating on my ideas and Sh8t.

Hummingbyrd said...


Girl you know ditty like to talk about sh*t take that, take that, take that!

Hummingbyrd said...

@ t.p.dub


I just read read your first long response.

True indeed about finally getting over your families class issues.

You would be amazed at how I have observed how folks have dealth with their own class mobility issues!

They be steady hatin', bougie for no reason, or they simply don't like n*ggas:(

The Last King is THAT CRACK.

Where is Nichelle.
Nichelle, where is your new book.
ZZ Packer, where is your new book.

We checkin' for yall:)

vik said...

another classic m dot post. a LOT to think about.

hate crimes have become prosecutors wet dreams. lots of press, huge sentences, white people eat that shit up. asians actin up?! that causes cognitive dissonance. aren't they the good coloreds?

gil scot-heron. sad when i heard the news. hope he's ok. he left us a legacy of great albums.

you're take on the wedding section as a microcosm of class/society/race was sheer brilliance. social mobility the good ol fashioned way.

the gangsters i don't understand people rockin is capone, carlo gambino, lucky luciano, etc. these dudes HATED minorities and you rockin their mugs on your chest? dude, at best, you'd be shinin these gangsters shoes....and you're wearin their shirt?

Hummingbyrd said...

hate crimes have become prosecutors wet dreams. lots of press, huge sentences, white people eat that shit up.

Yeah man. That shit can make a career. Gotta think about the cash.

That actually is a good idea for a post.

Sh*t that comes down to the cash.

But doesn't really appear like it on its face.

neo said...

I don't and really haven't gotten dudes affection for Scarface..I felt it was the hustler-attitude/mentality..I just think some folk be doin' it just to do 'cos everyone else be doin'


Sad thing @ Gil..sad..man..

Jonh Neo said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Neo.

Gil. is sad. But seeing, upclose and personal how many YOUNG people, especially women, who have it is Infinitely sadder.

That scarface jawn is like a religion, especially in BK. Like Dinero from red hook or something!?!?!? Is he?

neo said...

I dunno ma..its ridiculous. It ain't just in BK alone tho..here down south...they swarm towards the Cuban..

Hummingbyrd said...

They swarm towards the Cuban what.

Pacino is Italian playing a Cubano.

What part of the game is that Neo?

RAKIMFAN said...

Your blog is fire!!1 Yo as far as publishing the HIV status of a person it is considered illegal unless there is a cause of action that would allow the health records be submitted to the court to acheive a more lenient sentence or sympathetic jury. But yeah HIPPA info is protected by law unless the person is deeemed an enemy of the state. !

Hummingbyrd said...

Who you work for Rakimfam.

Don't ell me you rapcointelpro.

I am working on a case update letter where I had to find what the c of a was.

I am glad you like the blog.

its my baby:)

So that makes Gil an enemy of the state when he broke outta rehab?

If not, his family needs to lawyer up, cuz they that sh*t is illegal!

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