Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coney Island is Trill!


I went to Coney Island on Monday July 3rd . It was deep. I never saw so many, Eastern Europeans, Brazilian soccer dudes, Puerto Rican homies and Deep Brooklyn Jewish cats in the same place at the same time in my life.

Coney Island is a Grand experiment in Democracy. Real Talk.

On the way to the train, I was rocking my Stop Shooting T-shirt (gett'em at Oh Word.com) I got the most interesting looks
from po-po, left leaning white liberals, gully brooklyn thugs and old grandmommas. Some people, smirked, others smiled. It was really interesting to observe how people react to the message on my shirt.

In terms of the train ride. First. I got on the B. Then I got on the D. Blog family, the D is express in Manhattan, but local in BK. The train stopped on every stop. I finally gets there and it was cool. Laid out the blanket and what not. Reading my scandless summer sizzler by Donna Hill.
Oh, there were mad mexicanos selling them, coronas, umbrellas and budweisers and mangoes on a stick with cayanne pepper. Them sh*ts look gully. I couldn't believe that the police let them rock like that. But I guess they were down by the water, and po po can't be every where at the same time. I swear, blog family, there were three couples, that were puerto rican, and they set up a DOMINO TABLE AT THE BEACH. THAT was so hood. I Loved it!

So I am there backing for a couple of hours, and this little rug rat came over with his parent. This dude, threw sand on me. I kid you not. Now yall know I got anger issues. I DO NOT NEED some bad @ss 2 year old throwing sand on me. His momma let me do it. His dad apologized. So now I got my eye on his lil' a$. These dude turned around and did it agin. Thats it. Sand in the hair, can of whup @$ gets opened!

I told the momma, "You better get your son!" For real! Soon after they took him down the beach to terrorize someone else. After I left the beach, I wound up in Prospect Heights at my girl T's house. We sat in frente de her building, drinking some beverages y mas watermelon right on St. John's off Washington. Somebody opened their car door and started playing Biggie Hella loud, and I thought to myself, this is So Brooklyn. Wow. That was a lot of typing for one sitting. Its july, and I intend on enjoying every weekend of it.


evolveone said...

cant stand me some bad ass kids...my plane trip back from Queens last week had a couple of bad asses on it...i feel your pain...

JuiceyJ said...

I don't like kids either but I love your blog I check it every couple days love your writing style, great sense of humor. Keep it up!

Common Cents said...
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the prisoner's wife said...

lol...my son will NOT be like that when he gets older. spare the rod, spoil the kid. say word. i see kids getting buck in the store w/ their parents & i tell him...lookly here munchkin, you will NOT act like that with mommy when you can walk/talk. mommy don't play that! (he just laughs at me, probably cuz he has no idea what i'm saying...oh well).

the first time i went to coney island it was like march or april *lol* beloved came home w/ a hangover & was throwing up, so i took off work to play nurse. then we decided to go to coney island for the hell of it. this is when we lived in harlem & the D only ran to 34th....it took like 2 hours and when we got there we agreed everybody there looked retarded (in the mental sense). i kept telling myself...is THIS coney island? it looks like all the rides went there to die. like some weird side-show type, run down scarry ass park (from like the killer clown movies!). lol. we ended up going back tho...gotta do something when you get bored & it's hot outside.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ evolveone,

One time I flew from NY to Oakland, with a dog barking underneath myseat. I kid you not.

I know your pain!

Hummingbyrd said...


Thank you for coming through to my little corner of the innernet!

I am glad you like it.

Keep coming back and commenting.

I just posted A LONG A$$ED post.

I don't think imma post again until August, that sh*t was so long.

Hummingbyrd said...

it looks like all the rides went there to die. like some weird side-show type, run down scarry ass park (from like the killer clown movies!).

Hell yeah.
And I forgot to mention that this dude was there videotaping booties.

Now this was 4th of july weekend, so I had a little of the sauce in me myself. I do not mind saying something to a n*gga if he outta pocket. But I did not feel like getting into an argument with a complete stranger because he wanted to videotape booties jiggling and put it on the innernet.

That is a lil ugly a$$ed hustle if you ask me.

Hummingbyrd said...

Oh for the record I heart chalala's.

Chalala's= kids.

I just feel conflicted when they throw sand I can't rush 'em.

BL said I should have thrown some back.

Then "I" would have been the one getting arrested for fighten' his momma.

rafi said...

My grandparents spent their last years in a nursing home right on coney island. And my parents just moved from Canarsie to right near Coney Island...

All that said I haven't been to the boardwalk in a while.

Cool to finally see the shirt post up but you should have been in the pic!


P.S. Great use of Coney Island in a movie other than the Warriors: Little Odessa's aquarium scenes

Hummingbyrd said...


I JUST found out that the Warriors was shot at C.I.

Netflix is sponsering a big a$$ed screening of The Warriors at CI next week I think.

Wish I could go.

You know I like to keep it anonymous though!

Its mad pretty and spacious out there.

Crazy condos and shit.

And I bet they not a million dollars. But then again, they probably are with it being waterfront prop and all.

J said...

your not gonna put back up the other post you had up last week?


T.Reynolds said...

This is a good post. I am from the West Coast so we get beach all the time, Venice Beach etc. but Coney Island is waaay more inneresting and 'cultured' if you will. Just was out there a month ago. Funny on Brighton Beach closeby the people segregate themselves; like we were in the 'colored section', and then we walked down the shoreline and it became all white. Coney Island itself is like a big mix.

Another thing I recommend is get off the Q on Church Ave walk down Caton and go to the fairgrounds on the southside of Prospect Park. that's another good BK experience. But get a Roti on Church Ave first then eat it at the fairgrounds.

Hummingbyrd said...

Oh. Word.

You got the Coney Island tour guide jumping off.

My next stop is going to be Jones Beach:)

Miss Ahmad said...

damn damn damn you brought it all the way back to my bedstuy days. girl we'd pack up and head out to the beach and it would be a big ass production, house full of negros trying to get beach side but it was always worth it.

mostly we was tar beaching it. laying on the roof with a kiddie pool, a sack or two and some beers, listening to the music from the projects across the street!

whew i love your shit girl!

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