Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thank you.


I knew I wanted to write.
More importantly, I knew I wanted to write about women and hip hop and men, and sex, and primo beats, and mobb deep and 40 slang and ebonics.

A year later, I say thank you to you all.

Thank you to
danyel, jase, james, for telling me to just pick a title and write.

Thank you to
Santood for letting me steal the title from one of our many margarita laden conversations.

Thank you to gotty, hashim, big walt, rafi &dp and eskay for blogging and for the big ups and inspiration 'yall have given this year.

Thank you to
all the regular readers ms. tpw, j, chidi, duane & ms. ahmad. When I write I know yall be peepin' and there is very few things in this word like reciprocity.
Peace to Mac J.
Can't wait to see you back fam!

We just gotta rock the archives for a hot minute.

Thank you to the lurkers. I know 'yall be trollin'. Its okay to make yourself know. We don't bite here at mm. At least not initially:)

1 year and 150 post down.
150 more to go:)


the prisoner's wife said...

congrats! happy 1 year blog-day!

i'm glad i stumbled across your blog. it's so weird the people you "meet" and realize just how small the world is.

from one cali-born-bklyn rebirthed-world wide bgirl to the next...

peace sis...keep hitting them over the head.

M.Dot. said...


Thank you.

Life *IS* interesting.

Why is that heatwave that was in cali here now?

vik said...

keep em coming m dot.

1 year and counting......

M.Dot. said...

Aw. Vik.

I got chu.

Peep that new crack 'ish!

Anonymous said...

YOUR WELCOME. when your blog becomes huges in like 3-5 years are you gonna throw a real parties for the original readership squad who helped you reach new found heights like myself???


M.Dot. said...

Yeah man.

You first on the list.

In fact, you prolly gonna be working the Door:)

- loosies

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