Monday, August 07, 2006

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Powell admits,that when he began to focus "all of my attention on this Congressional race, it quickly became very clear to me that I simply did not have the time and energy needed to put together a machine-like infrastructure, nor to tap into the massive national network I've developed over two decades in the worlds of politics, entertainment, finance, the arts, hip hop America, and elsewhere."

It was fun putting those together. Wacha'll think?



RD said...

It's unfortunate Powell dropped out. It would of been interesting to see how he would have fared.


Hummingbyrd said...


Its unfortunate.

Powell is the homie, don't get me wrong.

But it is kind of an insult to think you can just up and run for congress.

As someone who as attorney general interests, That sh*t is a slow grind, not something, you just jump up and do because you THINK it will benefit "your people". Come on ock.

WHen you got millions of dollars at stake, "YOU BETTER run your sh*t like a well oiled machine" or someone else will come along and do it faster and better for CHEAP!

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