Sunday, August 27, 2006

Model Minorities with Harvard Pedigrees Still Lose.


So, Wil-E-Coyote, the resident Scorpian Artistic-Know-it-All says I have a bit of Negro ADD. Its true. But my brand of ADD is special because I can have a conversation about three things at once AND keep track of that sh*t.

That's talent fam.

I mention this because I started this post, a few weeks ago.

And in browsing drafts of old post I realize that I was working on this, yet I never posted it. Yall know I am allways interested in issues relating to women & money, men & money, Sex & money, gender and money.

You add somthing to the cream and I will talk about it.

So this post is about how model minorties are making it up the ladder and saying f*ck it rather than toil, becuase that sh*t is too painful. It certainly gave ME something to think about.



There are a couple of articles out about professional model minorities and how they faring in a cash rules society. The first article is from the New York Times. It is about what Wall street is doing to keep women. Women are leaving for a variety of reasons. Among them are the fact that:

  • "Women are leaving once they hit thirty-two".
  • "Women leave to have babies"
  • "The firm needs to retain women because the represent an enormous brain drain.
Investment banks and brokerage firms typically lose women when they are in their 30’s, executives say. Expected to ramp up to reach coveted managing director jobs, many women feel that midlevel jobs offer them little while demanding a lot. Pulled to have children and pushed by a less-than-rewarding workplace and often uninspired midlevel management, they leave.
Only a substanial CHANGE in the way Big Law Firm, Wall Street Firm, Big Banking is structured will women be able to remain at the firms after 32. Companies are SIMPLY UNWILLING to change the power dynamic to reflect the fact that Firms are doin' little work shops here and there. But the bottom line is this. Both the egg and daycare situation need to be addressed.
  • They would also invest in another 300 million in egg freezing technology. If the desire to procreate is what is driving a womans decision to leave Wall Street. Address the issue by extending the window through which she can conceive.

The other article is on the attraction and retention of Gay MBA's graduates. These firms going into model minority overdrive hunh!!?!?!!

Is it in the water?

And of course. While lip service is paid to "diversity", being progressive.

It all comes down the the cream. Peep the business week article.

Plus, there are economic incentives. In 2006 the gay community reached an estimated buying power of $641 billion, with 69% of gay people fiercely loyal to companies with progressive work policies, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights advocacy organization. "If the business world didn't reach out to the GLBT community, years from now the result would be staggering—not only to the U.S. economy, but to the global economy," says PwC GLBT Strategy Leader Matt Milligan.
What will Wall Street think of next?


This weekend it went straight from summer to fall.


New York weather is sooooo dramatic.

The Bay be all cool and mellow and 58-75 degrees all year long.

Whereas here,
lets just say I found myself packing away the tank tops and unpacking the sweaters too.

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