Monday, August 14, 2006

Sometimes I post and I don't know what to call it so I ramble because rambling is cathartic.


I went to go see this flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Saturday.

Its was on a fluke but I am glad I did.
That sh*t is straight up and down little shop of horrors.

My homie dekka made fun and said, you prolly was the only brown girl there.

I wasn't. There was some carribean folks there to. A man and his momma were taking pictures with the flower.

But he did have a point.

I've allways been weird though:)


My dad scared the sh*t outta me yesterday.

I was getting some advice from him regarding whether or not I should bring an issue up to BL regarding his family and their dynamics.
Poppi said, "M dot, people don't like you looking all up in their soul".

Me- "Whacu mean?"

P- Well. When you start questioning a person a
nd who they are, you are looking all up in their soul. M- Word!?!?!
P- Yes. You have to be careful. Its a gift. Very few people can do it, and even fewer are willing to share what they see with the person. M- Wow. I never thought of it like that. P- Its a powerful thing. Be careful.


Reading this blog, was the first time I read something written by a dude in the bay and felt like, they were my innernet cousins.

However, Then the more I read. The more trouble I felt.

Because of their loose usage of n*gga as well as the over all content, I needed to know whether they were black or a "tropical people".
I was having a Dave Chappell moment. I think. God, I am getting old:( Some of the post titles are:

  • Wine country got a n*gga finna kill someone for innanet!

  • What You Know Bout Programming Motherfucking Remotes.

  • PS3 Controller: A Niggatorial

Granted they sh*t is funny. Naw. That doesn't even do them justices.

I got tears in my eyes. For trill.

I couldn't tell if they were just being funny. Or making fun of n*ggas. Anyhoo, I resolved to deal with ambiguity and enjoy it as a guilty pl easure.


So this is the point in the matrix that we have been waiting to get to.


Excellent, big Pharm+ Government Cooperation + Tuskegee
Syphilis experiment = All Bad for Negroes.

For Leodus Jones, a former prisoner, the report has opened old wounds. “This moves us back in a very bad direction,” said Mr. Jones,

who participated in the experiments at Holmesburg in 1966 and after his release played a pivotal role in lobbying to get the regulations passed.

In one experiment, Mr. Jones’s skin changed color, and he developed rashes on his back and legs where he said lotions had been tested.

“The doctors told me at the time that something was seriously wrong,” said Mr. Jones, who added that he had never signed a consent form. He reached a $40,000 settlement in 1986 with the City of Philadelphia after he sued.

“I never had these rashes before,” he said, “but I’ve had them ever since.”

The Institute of Medicine report was initiated in 2004 when the Health and Human Services Department asked the institute to look into the issue. The report said prisoners should be allowed to take part in federally financed clinical trials so long as the trials were in the later and less dangerous phase of Food and Drug Administration approval. It also recommended that at least half the subjects in such trials be nonprisoners, making it more difficult to test products that might scare off volunteers.


Clarett Update.

They had him in the Times this weekend.

  • Apparently, he had most of his worldly posessions in his car with him that night.
  • He may be under stress because of money he borrowed from cats when he thought he was gonna make it on the Bronco's.
  • His daughter was born, premature on July 17th, 2006.
  • He e-mailed a writer from ESPN, two hours before he was arrested. Here is the account:
  • About two hours before he was arrested early Wednesday, Clarett phoned Tom Friend, a senior writer for ESPN the Magazine who has written extensively about Clarett. Hoague, the lawyer, was also patched into the call, and described Clarett as saying, “I’m getting my life together,” that the birth of his daughter had humbled him and that she “means everything to me.”

Yet Clarett also seemed melancholy and “possibly drunk,” Friend wrote on Clarett said he would do anything for his daughter, even that “he’d go to jail for 30 years for this little girl.”

Wistfully, Clarett said of his life, “I have done nothing but run a football.” And: “I’m a young man going through stress. I’m a person who was scheduled to make millions and didn’t make them.”


That was certainly a mixed bag post. Summer '06 is a wrap fam. I know you enjoyed it. If this weather keeps up, I may just stay happy forever. Oh. I am working on a fashion blog. I got a concept. But I can't decide on a name. It's so annoying:( _______________________


SistaGirl said...

What up MM, It's been too long again but I had to get my fix. I like this post, I would have tripped out over the little shop of horror plant..crazy and poppi gave some good advise, but I think sometimes on certain occasions people need for other to look all up in thier soul, let them know that others can see their truth, if it aint pretty they need to know that it needs to be fixed, I think it just has to be done with love. Now as for that wine country blog...a little too much for me, not sure how much I'll blog but imma try to keep up.

glad you're still writing. Peace

Hummingbyrd said...

HI sis.

Glad you stopped by.

Yeah. Those cats are a little much. But that bay language and humor is hilarium!

How you been????

yeah. I am a soul peeper.

I got the gift. I guess.

Weird thing to learn about yourself right!?!?!?!

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