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Hip hop is so f*cking fresh.

The good thing about being a nerd is that you are completly
content with sitting at home on a Saturday night, chomping your
warm TJ enchilada's, im'ing with your blog homies (what up
and getting INNERNET SCOOPS.

Full disclosure, It is easy to do this after running around like a free slave
in Dallas last weekend, and then settling into the NEW GIG this week.

So our friendly swagalicious dog Clifford was trying to ante
up and got caught,

Rapper T.I. was arrested Saturday as he allegedly tried to add three machine guns and two silencers to what authorities said was an "arsenal" of weapons that, as a convicted felon, he was not allowed to own.

Three other guns were found in the vehicle he was driving, authorities said, and police executing a search warrant at his home in suburban College Park, Georgia, found six additional guns, five of them loaded, in his bedroom closet.

"Machine guns pose a serious danger to the community, which is why they are so carefully regulated, said David Nahmias, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.

WHY is her personally buying gats, LET ALONE mach's?
Ain't that what goons are for?

WHAT does he need a machine gun for anyways?
This ain't '89? The block ain't THAT hot?

Man, I need photoshop so that I can do an interactive
chart of all the folks in the game that are caught up in
the system as of Jan-Oct '07.


Holy sh*t Rass Kass got out of his deal.

The West Coast rapper, born John Austin, reached a settlement with Capitol Records/EMI. The terms of the agreement are unknown, but Ras Kass is now free to legally seek out new recording agreements, according to a statement on the rappers' MySpace page (

"I am just relieved and thankful to my management team, all the magazines that showed me love since this started and everyone that showed their support for me over these past few years," Ras Kass said in a statement.

The release came after years of litigation between the emcee and his now former label.

Ras was originally signed to Priority Records where he released two critically acclaimed albums, Soul On Ice (1996) and Rasassination (1998). When the label merged with Capitol, the album the rapper had currently been working on, Van Gogh (2002), was pushed back twice and then permanently shelved. His third project, Goldyn Chyld was also blocked from release after bitter disputes between the rapper and Capitol. The animosity, coupled with Ras Kass' incarceration later that year, made the prospect of future records with Capitol dim.

Gotty needs to do a smoking section with this n*gga.

He is so lyrical.
But such tormented artist alcoholic as well.

I hope he can get right and put out the music that both
we and HE needs.


Because I love y'all, go head and f*ck with flight


Im not really feeling the new Jay.

And no this is not another blogger hatin'on jay.

It was just based on folks comments about the new jawn
I expected some poppin' phenomenal shit.

Maybe I need to experience in a whip doing 80, "Dear Summer."


Illseed and Allhip hop is trying to geterdon

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan will address issues within the Hip-Hop community during a private, invitation-only brunch for hundreds of music industry professionals this weekend in Atlanta.

The event, which is sponsored by, is scheduled to take place at 12 p.m. on Sunday (Oct. 14) at an undisclosed location in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss "The Evolution of Hip-Hop" and the overall direction of the music industry.

To read the whole story:


For the record, why is it that along with my nahright, smoking section,
, NYtimes, dallas morningnews, san jose merc cluster f*ck
of daily reading, I rocks for the illseeds blog?

I mean. Cover to cover.
Which is a rarity for my high functioning A.D.D @ss. It takes A LOT to
keep's attention. Word to that young man sj. *wink*. Tap.

I can hear dudes voice when I read, and THAT, my dear watson is what
I look for in a writer.


There is an article in the Times about gentrification/ n*gga removal in Harlem.

Here is my favorite comment, so far:

  • 9.

    The area that is featured here were abandoned buildings and crack houses. How does that displace people? And for working class people - that is what this housing is for. It is for teachers, policemen, city employees to buy below market rate. This initiative is the best thing to happen to Harlem. Harlem has suffered and still suffers from the welfare mentality that the government is partially responsible for by by giving practically free housing and food stamps to families and then builds parking lots for them to park their Cadillac Escalades. Get real people! It is about priorities. Don’t have a kid if you can’t afford it and don’t bitch about gentrification and housing while driving around in your SUV with fifty cent blasting. The real “working” class is just arriving in Harlem. It is about time!


    • — Posted by Harlem
Now lets unpack that.

The area that is featured here were abandoned buildings
and crack houses. Nary
nurse, teacher, police officer or
social worker on the block. 'Cuz black folks don't work.

Sounds like Bill O'reilly's Harlem to me.

While investment in the Harlem community is certainly a welcome change. The gross d

isplacement of working class people does nothing for the community. When a new market rate residential development goes up in Harlem who moves in? Only people that can afford the seven figure mortgage. Gentrification by definition is about displacement. ( . And there is no mistake that it is and has been taking place over the last two decades uptown. While I am all for community improvement, the gentrification which is in full swing will only lead to the neighborhood formerly known as Harlem to be “re-envisioned” as Battery Park North.

— Posted by Harlem Refugee

Harlem as Battery Park North. NICE!

While I was finishing up this post,
I came across this article in the post.

Move over hipsters, the "Williamsburg 2.0" crowd is taking over.
Elena Dahl
On a near-desolate street in north Williamsburg, a noncultural renaissance has begun. Till recently, the signs of gentrification on this block consisted of a cheese shop, a hookah bar, and a Mexican fast food restaurant opposite graffitied trailers and abandoned lots. But when Oulu (170 North 4th Street, Brooklyn) opened a month ago, hipsters finally entered their promised land and became old school. The lounge, named for the northern Finnish city, introduces us to what the owners call "Williamsburg 2.0," a neighborhood of creative professionals, dwellers of the future luxury condos sprouting up along North 4th Street.
Whats bugg outt about this entire article is the lack of recognition of
WHO Williamsburg 1.0 replaced and how symbolic it is of Harlem
and the eminent domain issues there
and at the Atlantic Yards.

Ha. So goes the artists, so goes the poor.

Ya'll don't hear me tho.


How difficult would you be for you to feel sympathy if
old "wefare queen" from above got jacked.
I mean crime is crime...but when your perception of my
people is laden with so many THICK ass*d sterotypes
isn't he/she asking for a self fulfilling prophecy?

Are you looking forward to the Common Tip sh*t?



Moniker said...

I recently got into a discussion about Hip Hop with one of my friends. He's one of them goons that think Lil'Wayne is Hip Hop's poster child and messiah. After I shot cannons through his "Lil'Wayne is Hip Hop's God" theory, I mentioned how Jay-Z is one of the best emcees around and all the songs he's done; the lines he's dropped, story lines he's created, metaphors he's made---everything.
His response? "What has he done lately?"

...I had no reply.
Sad times. other words, this new shit he's putting out is not helping my argument in the least.

M.Dot. said...

He's one of them goons that think Lil'Wayne is Hip Hop's poster child and messiah.

Wayne does BRING something
to it....

And the new Jay doesn't help lol.

She Hate Me said...

And the new Jay doesn't help lol.
I so want to fight back.

Say something relevant.

Admittedly, I'm a Jay Stan.

I wish I could see what you guys see, but every since I got that first hit in 1996....

Things haven't been the same.

lightdigga said...

i was at this shit!!! it was sick! omg, q-tip was hott and common was doing his thing too. dudes were so dope i had to re-name my ovaries in their honor...the left one is q-tip's


lightdigga said...

on another note: i just read the atf agent's affidavit. TI is kinda screwed...but not totally.

they clearly got him on the 'no felons with guns' law but not on the unregistered firearms part of the charges. and his punk-ass bodyguard gonna need a bullet-proof vest for life. seems like he took a short on the process, buying on the under so he could stack the paper difference then got caught out there. everything else TI got from him before was purchased properly.

its effed up for dude. of course you gotta ask why he was taking that 'scarface' shit so seriously. maybe black folks gotta stop watching movies...

neo said...

Apparently two ppl on here haven't heard the new Jay off 'American Gangster,' "Roc Boys(and the winner is)" yes lil weeze has talent I'll give him that but to quote 50, "he really can't make songs" having hot verses =/= being able to craft a good, wholesome song..Jay has been able to do both quite well over a decade..

I honestly believe that if the album is done right, ppl will jump on the bandwagon once again (those fence-sitters that is), fans will remain fans, haters will remain haters..

I think Jay is one of thee most polarizing mainstream emcees out..either you love or you hate..

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