Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drunk and Hot Girls


I remember the first time I listened to Drunk and Hot Girls.
I kept waiting for the rape or something outta pocket to happen.

Its like, I wanted to like the song, then I thought of a 15
year old girl listening to it, and about the message
it was sending her.
Sh*t. I thought of the message that it was sending 15 year old boys as well.

The message, I concluded isThat ITS cool if a dude gets you "drunk"
and for you to acquiesce sexually, even when all of your faculties
ARE NOT FUNCTIONING at the level that the situation requires.

This rationale runs counter to my idea that
Sex is about choice, and most importantly, as young women,
making healthy choices.
Many of us have made some NOT
TOO COOL decisions
slurred in that 3-4 drink gray area.
The problem is that THAT GRAY area is precisely the site
where assault takes place.

Back to Ye Ye's song.

The song would flow different if there was a woman on it.
MIA, Keyshia Cole, Mary (okay, maybe NOT Mary), Foxy (from solitary)
or Jean Grae in a verse or two, presenting the other side of the
drunk and hot coin.
Related to the drunken hotness,
Gotty sent me an article about a study on the impact of music
videos on young Black women.

The conclusion was:

Watching hip hop videos that amplify sexually explicit and violent themes can lead to alcohol abuse and promiscuity among young black girls, according to a new study of sexual stereotypes in rap music footage.
Girls want to be video vixens. Its cool to want to model. Who doesn't
want to feel glamorous, fly, bad as sh*t? We all want to at some
point or another.

However, the problem is when there is an OVER emphasis
on how far being CUTE is going to take a young lady in life.

I'm quick to tell someone who talks to me about acting/
modeling that
Life is not a beauty pagent. In fact when
I returned to Oakland, I heard n*ggas saying model this,
model that, and I thought, IS THIS HOW THEY get into the
young ladies?
Well but of course. And of course I open my
mouth and all this feminist sh*t comes out and
they look at me like "tha fuck she so serious about?"

I tell them that what I have learned from my albeit limited exposure to
industry types is that
there is always some more prettier
than you who is willing to be MORE GREASIER than
you to get
that gig, photo shoot, contract.

And they respond with some old, "yeah, that can happen, but if you
try really hard..." bullsh*t.

And in an ironic illustration of my point is an Times article on
the disappearance of Black Faces from the 2008 runway.

“It’s heartbreaking for me now because the agents send the girls out there to castings and nobody wants to see them,” said Ms. Hardison, referring to black models. “And if they do, they’ll call afterward and say, ‘Well, you know, black girls do much better in Europe, or else black girls do much better in New York, or we already have our black girl.’”

Last month in New York, Ms. Hardison convened a panel of fashion experts at the Bryant Park Hotel to discuss “The Lack of the Black Image in Fashion Today,” an event she will reprise Monday at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street. “Modeling is probably the one industry where you have the freedom to refer to people by their color and reject them in their work,” she said.


What would you do if our child was obsessed with
50/Kanye/Weezy videos and Top Model? Sh*t, some of ya'll obsessed with that ish, lol.

Is Drunk and Hot Gurls the theme song for the "soft"
date rape? OR. Am I misreading it?

Would it "read" if there were a female reppin' on the song?



Illaim said...

Off top you haft to provide your children with a strong template of reality so no matter what stimuli their exposed to, they can integrate it into a non destructive world view.

Being obsessed with 50 videos or Top Model only becomes a bad thing if a child internalizes the plainly overt and often even more sinister latent messages within them as life gospel. No matter how strong the affinity is for certain forms of entertainment, if they are being placed up against a solid foundation of thought and definition of self, the chances of them having harrowing negative effects are minimal.

Hmmmmm When I hear Drunk and Hot gurls… I often just see the juxtaposition of

The Drunk and Hot Women……who above all knows she’s is a person of spectacular beauty, which causes her to exclude a gang of men based on factors that may have nothing to do with substance…


Men of a certain status which affords them the opportunity to get at these drunk and hot Women, but because of a certain perception of the lady’s motivations or motives are trying to reach a certain point of a end game

The game itself is dirty isn’t it?…..

I’ve never took that song as a soft date rate ode, instead I look at it more of as a recital of portion of Kayne’s life and the notably affluent in general dealings in general with a particular type of female.

Yes there is a long storied and abet..often sordid history of people utilizing alcohol to knock down others inhibitions which will be played out all across this land tonight as some young chap tries to “pump a female full of goose” (hell even Bill Cosby been know to do it) but I don’t see this as the theme song..

I wouldn’t take much to turn this track into one of drunken manipulation tho, and if that was the concept, then someone like Jean would definitely lend and ill representation of the presently silent perception of the other side..

(Wonders what M.Dot thinks about LB’s “After The Party”)

She Hate Me said...

Trying to provide a backdrop (or should I say, something more tangible) for our children to hold on to isn't getting any easier in today's social climate.

But it's not getting harder, either.

I would take the same path my mother took with me, which is to say to my child, "While modeling is nice, you want to make sure that you have the education to back it up. You CAN be a successful model, but don't you want to be smart enough to count your money correctly, read your contracts fully, and grasp the ins and outs of the business, so one day, you can OWN your own modeling agency?"

That's not EXACTLY what my mom said to me (I was addicted to learning how to dismantle and recreate electronics...), but it worked.

As far as Drunk And Hot Girls, I don't think it's a "soft" date rape... I agree with illaim, I think it's just 'Ye recounting a story that has probably been played out many times in his life.

By the way, Jean on this song = all types of win. I'm just saying.

M.Dot. said...

Hmmmmm When I hear Drunk and Hot gurls… I often just see the juxtaposition of

The Drunk and Hot Women……who above all knows she’s is a person of spectacular beauty,


M.Dot. said...

That's not EXACTLY what my mom said to me (I was addicted to learning how to dismantle and recreate electronics...), but it worked.


Your just like my brother.

Funny and engineer style analytical.

If we could have gotten him into silicon valley in '85, instead of block huggin, no tellin' what sh*t he could have came up with.

neo said...

I feel embarassed as a man when I listen to that song honestly..'cos for me no matter how its sliced the implication had to do with taking advantage or wanting to take advantage of someone else..I can't clap to that as a person..

neo said...

but a story is a I guess its Ye's story being recanted however every story can have its implications if not placed in proper context..

Model said...

I can't clap to that as a person..


Watchu doing for Xmas?

Im houston bound. Nagguh.

Anonymous said...

I thought "Drunk and hot girls" was a sort of negative song about girls drinking. In it 'Ye gets annoyed at these drunk girls. I don't see what's so rapey about it.

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