Monday, February 09, 2009

I Need a Beat


We Need a Beat.

Raquel Wilson and I are working on a podcast series
about Gender and Hip Hop.
We need your help with an
intro song. If you make beats and want to make a contribution, get at me.

The elements that I envision are: 1. An intro like this DJ Juice
Cut, or something similarly creative.

2. The song used in the body can be Isis's Ask a Woman or
something substantially similar.

3. One to Two minutes long should be enough.

We need a something to make it pop off from the get go. We envision
something boom bappie and feminine fresh

Make a contribution to something that is about to BLOW in
m.dotwrites AT g mail.


Soulfulll said...


I'm really excited about #2, I'd never heard that before

M.Dot. said...


Keep checking back!

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