Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marinate with


Hoods to Woods trailer #2 from Brian Paupaw on Vimeo.

My homie Deka has a new film coming about
being a snow boarder from Bed Stuy, titled from Hoods
to Woods
. My favorite part of
the trailer was the young buck
backflips off the fence and Dekka
says, "If I put them sho'ties
on some snow boards, they 'prolly tear it up."
Tear it up and leave it new at the same time.

Last night, I was reading a book about creating Boundaries
in relationships
and was blown away by two statements. The first was,
"People with shaky
limits are often compliant on the outside,
but rebellious and resentful
on the inside." Amen. The other is
that, "As you develop better boundaries,
you have less of a need
for anger. This is because in many cases, anger
was the only
boundary you had." Church.

Please vote for my friend Marquette's film, "Hero's Wanted."
It is in a competition
on Channel 13. It takes 45 seconds.
We are Not Quitters. (Can we trademark that shit?)

Did you know that the Blackend part of fish is created by putting
chili pepper on it?

I have found that Gotty's Google feed is better than most
blogs I read. Weird, no?

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be a victim
if I say no and move.

Here are some interesting things I have found around the web.
Donwills, McDay job is so simple. I knew it, when I clicked on it
that it had personality and that I would like it. Barry Michael
Cooper is over at Open Salon doing his thing. You know
I love Oakland Goodness (Thank you Ms. Around Harlem.)

Did you know that Salon has started, Open Salon? I will be cross
linking there very soon!

My hands are faster than my mind. And my mind is pretty 'effin fast.

I saw Medicine for Melancholy
. Thinking about a post for it.

My, Black Women, Property Twice, gets a lot of love at Blogher.

What are you marinating on right now?


thelady said...

"People with shaky limits are often compliant on the outside, but rebellious and resentful on the inside."
I've experienced that with former friends. They act like "yes" people but secretly have a long list of grudges against you.

M.Dot. said...

Yeah. Resentment is a killer.

marquette said...

you saw medicine melancholy!?! i'm jealous. please do the post!

and thanks for the shout out! tomorrow is our day. :-)

the prisoner's wife said...

wanna see that film. might have to roll dolo next weekend to see it before it leaves LA.

what am i marinating on now? finishing up "The Shack" for my book club. bout to read Cosby's Come On People. I feel like i need to take some sort of class. I need to get my stories into a workshop. maybe ppl won't understand my Nas connection in my novel? maybe it's too specific? i'm marinating on how to work less & make more. teaching is tiring. there has to be a better way to educate. public schools suck. we need a shrink/REAL counseling for these kids. math & Shakespeare ain't enough.

Model Minority said...

math & Shakespeare ain't enough.
I hear you.

Your audience will understand Nas in your novel, and that is all that matters.

I found a workshop here, I will let you know how it turns out.

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