Friday, March 13, 2009

Boston Dynamic Big Dogs: The New World Order Lives


I was on the phone with my homie earlier.
She is all things geeky. An Information Architect,
she hangs out at MIT taking free workshops on nerdy
stuff and she likes to take notes on our conversations.

When she talks, I listen.

Today, we were talking about the new Facebook design
and the rush to create a hard drive for the world.


Then she told me to Google Boost Dynamics.

I saw this robot and it gave me the creeps.

Scarier then 10 Freddy Kreugers.

I immediately knew that it was a military robot.

I also immediately thought, what defense would the American
public have against one hundred thousand of these being leashed
on us?

The Big Dog is funded by The Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency, which is under the Department of Defense.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars at work.

What do you think of the Big Dog?


Dana said...

it's like we're building sociopaths: machines that can think independently but have no emotions or moral compass....

Model Minority said...


machines that can think independently but have no emotions or moral compass....

But you know, the Libra in me thinks that IF this is one end of the spectrum, then there must be some amazing positive things brewing as well.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point, Libra. (I'm an Aries so...) What does your MIT friend have to say about the "positive" things that are brewing? Has she been to any talks there about the "human" rights of artificial intelligence? (you read correctly.) I'm not well-read on this, so I haven't yet some to a conclusion about it.

The development of machine technology has been positive when improves quality of life for human beings and supports positive relations between ourselves and to other species.

But THIS...

Panic! Panic! Run for your lives!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Along those same "panic!" lines:

If you don't feel like clicking the link, it's about hybrid insect MEMS. It's basically about controlling the locomotion & sensory input of real insects to use them for all kinds of shady purposes. I mean all kinds of crazy shit. Forget the Big Dogs. Imagine Killer Bees being unleashed on the American public.

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