Sunday, March 29, 2009

Empress Sharhh is the Nicest Emcee Since Jay Electronica


Mos Def Points out Doom's Awesome Idiosyncrasies.

On the new Doom album, Born Like This, there are many guest stars,

Ghost, Rae, but I had Empress Sharrh joint on repeat for the last twenty
minutes. Take a listen. I'll wait.

She had me at , "Sign away your publishing for Jordan's and loosie?"

Say word?

I feel like she made this song for me.

Seeing as The Clipse, on of my favorites,
called me a Tree Huggin' ass bitch,
it feels good to feel like a song was made for me.

Still Dope
represents what is both sad and fresh about hip hop.
On one level, I
thinks its fresh that she even made it. On another, its all
bad that songs like this are so few and far in between.

On this song Doom wears is Boom Bap big band composer hat
to the fullest. Listen to the changes in the hook. The rhythm
shifts, the horn
section gets amplified. The beat sounds like
Showbiz on acid with a live horn section. I couldn't believe
my ears when I heard it, I
thought that the song blended into
another. Then I realized
that this is classic doom ear drum
manipulation. Enjoy.


Yeh? Ney?

Too weird?

Not weird enough?

Empress Sharr on some 9th Wonder?
Or Kanye or Salaam Remi. Awesome.


billtron said...

Whata dope track. By far my fav female hip hop track I wish I knew what that horn sample was.

M.Dot. said...

That Horn Sample Shiiittt....
I don't know...I know its know who prolly knows...Ivan @ HHIR.

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