Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look What I Found.


I was looking at the analytic's for the blog a few minutes
ago and I was both pleased with, interested in and curious
about what I found.

My sight has come up for searches on:

  • blogs about michael baisden and his nonsense
  • rihanna+thugs
  • how did white feminists respond to shirley chisholm
  • gentrifying neighborhoods oakland
  • keyshia cole and feminism
  • watch black female stripper's having sex
  • how much do video vixens get paid
And my favorite.
  • how much for 5 grams of crack
Analyzing search patterns can tell you more than
you want to know.

Have you peeped into another person's internet search
history recently? What did you find? Where you shocked?


Nexgrl said...

Everytime that I relieve someone at the reference desk, I am surprised at what I find. I personally delete the history of all of my searches and close the browser. I know that I look at a lot of stuff that I shouldn't and so do they. I now know that I'm not the only one who reads blogs while at the desk.

Model Minority said...


You feel me?

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