Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Visualization of NWA's "A Bitch is a Bitch" using Manyeyes


Every since I did the chart on humanity in the hood
a few days ago, I have been thinking about a visualization of
rap lyrics.

Above is a visualization of NWA's "A Bitch is a Bitch."

I was recently reading one of Bol's post's about women
in the rap game
and I found myself wanting to count the number
of time's Black women
were called Bitches, Hoe's and Tricks
and the like in the comments section.

I then knew that I would do a visualization of the NWA's "A Bitch
is a Bitch", and perhaps a post on those comments.

I think the most arresting thing about this image is that
it reaffirms the power that words have, especially when
they are seen and heard over an over again.

What do you think of the image?

...........Don't forget to tune into the podcast tonight on Black
San Francisco and Gentrification.


ChuckTaylor said...

that image doesnt do anything for me, the song is about bitches so its no shocker that certain words are used in abundance.

Im sure someone could do a visualization about sports and you're going to see the word "ball" 2 billion times.

I'm more interested in what you think of Bol's material overall.

Model Minority said...

Hi Chuck.

What do you think of Bol's material?

ChuckTaylor said...

I do remember asking you first, lol.

But my opinion of Bol's work.... I think it's self hatred.... his opinion about anything having to do with black folk is so negative its not even funny. Theres nothing wrong with criticizing black people but he never offers any solutions or suggestions or even going as far as mentioning positive things dealing with hip hop or black celebs.

Another reason I say self hatred, is because if you go to his website, you'll see he posts reviews of rock/alternative/indie bands .. and you'll see "this album is amazing, its great" etc etc. But you'll never/rarely see him say that about a mainstream black act.

I'm sure a good portion of it is a schtick, playing to the crowd to keep people coming back, but I think he could still do that and be a real person at the same time (instead of a charicature).

But with all that said....His material is hit or miss, I read it because sometimes it's extremely funny (and the other 50% of the time it borders on crap). I'm not mad at him, and I'm sure he's a decent dude. I just couldnt get down how he gets down.

Model Minority said...


We cousins? I see you from the Deep East. My brother is from the shady 80's lols.

Funny, b/c before I saw that you were from the town, I was like who the fuck is this coming at me on MY site. Then I saw East O, and was like,
ok, I will answer, NICELY.

Sad how perceiving a shared history w/some one can make you more empathetic/tolerant.

Bol is smart. Last September I did research on a history of hip hop blogs piece and he wrote and eloquent and insightful response to my questions. I am waiting to relaunch this site, before I publish the piece.

A reader, I think it was @thejk (on twitter) pointed out, that in the blog world, Bol and I are the only two people who are NOT afraid of criticizing rappers. I appreciate that. It shows integrity.

In some ways his work is on some Black Howard stern shit, so his gender politics clearly don't align with mine. I know part of it is his shtick that's meant to get hits, part of may be
who he is, it isn't my business to determine that.

That being said, I often wonder, the impact that he could have,
if he chose to be a progressive dude.

See. I guess having family members who got caught up in the dope game has shaped me into the kind of person who looks for the humanity in all people. Bloggers included.

Was my answer responsive?

Brother OMi said...

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